Top 10 Baby Grooming and Healthcare Kits

A good baby care includes number of factors such as their health, hair care, hygiene, massage, manicure, pedicure, keeping your baby together and you name it. Unlike parents, baby’s body and temperature is quite different. For proper care there are number of things to use such as: their hairbrush, nasal aspirators, brushes and so many things.


Though a grooming or healthcare kit is packaged with a number of essential baby items, it is good to know about each and every item included in the kit. In this article you will learn about what each item is used for, how these can be used and what materials these should include, along with how-to videos.


If you are a new parent, the chances are you may not know about all these items unless there is an experienced parent to guide you. The other way around can be using baby grooming kits which include good selected items in a bag or a box to avoid any hassles for you. At the same time, baby’s healthcare kits make it almost complete items to keep always handy.


Are These Kits Safe for Newborns?

Generally, these are for babies with few months old age. While, if your baby is newborn; the soft cotton balls can be used by dipping in water and cleaning your baby’s sensitive skin. There are still some newborn grooming kits too which can be used only if you know about the items these include.

Best Baby Grooming Kits

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Here is a list of baby grooming and healthcare kits. Some of these are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit by Safety 1stDeluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit by Safety 1st

Product Information:

  • It contains 25 essential pieces for baby.
  • This healthcare and grooming kit includes a gentle care brush, toddler toothbrush, a comb, cradle cap comb, a thermometer (3 in 1 including case), thermometer probe covers (5 pieces) and 5 emery boards as well.

Product Description:
Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit by Safety 1st comes with healthcare and grooming items required for your baby. It is also a suitable kit for travels and its zippered clutch case makes it convenient to carry and store.


2. American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit by The First YearsAmerican Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit by The First Years

Product Information:

  • This kit contains a 7 pieces health essentials kit for your babies.
  • Comes with a  Deluxe Travel or storage bag for home, travels or a tour etc.
  • It is an ideal baby shower gift if you are looking for.
  • It is best for your baby aged 6 months or older.

Product Description:
American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit by The First Years is a great kit comes with 7 pieces including: a digital thermometer, a medicine spoon with its cap, a nail clipper, a nasal aspirator and a medicine dropper with its cap. It is a great gift for your baby, with a lower price.


3. Complete Grooming Kit by Safety 1stComplete Grooming Kit by Safety 1st

Product Information:

  • It is 18 piece baby grooming kit.
  • This kit includes gentle care brush, a gentle care comb along with dual density teeth, ten emery boards, the clear view nail clippers, the character bath sponge, spritzer bottle, and emery board travel case as well.

Product Description:
Complete Grooming Kit by Safety 1st is a stylish kit which comes with 18 essential grooming items for your baby including nail clippers, combs, emery boards and many other essential items. This complete kit is good for having your baby’s different items in one place.


4. Essential Grooming Kit by DreambabyEssential Grooming Kit by Dreambaby

Product Information:

  • It is a 10 piece essential grooming kit.
  • This kit includes; a soft and gentle hairbrush, toothbrush, nail clippers, scissors and a storage case.

Product Description:
Essential Grooming Kit by Dreambaby includes a soft and gentle hairbrush for your baby’s scalp and it has an easy grip handle, toothbrush with compact head which features soft bristles, nailclippers which are curved and sized for your baby’s tiny nails, emery boards which trim the sharp edges of small nails, for your baby’s safety the scissors have rounded tips and there is a storage case which can be used to store the essential baby items and it would make it convenient for travels as well.


5. Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer InfantComplete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

Product Information:

  • This kit contains a nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer, a pacifier medicine dispenser and a strip with its case.
  • It also includes a medicine syringe, a nail clipper, six emery boards, a comb and a brush.
  • Comes with gum massager, a finger toothbrush with its case and a teether.

Product Description:
Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant comes with 26 essential items for your babies. The bag is easy to carry for home and for anywhere such as a picnic, a tour and any travel etc.


6. “7 Piece” Medical Organizer Kit by Nuby7 Piece Medical Organizer Kit by Nuby

Product Information:

  • This babies’ medical organizer kit comes with a Sure Dose Medicine Dropper and Spoon.
  • Nothing to worry about, all in one solution for your baby.

Product Description:
“7 Piece” Medical Organizer Kit by Nuby brings all essential medical care stuff for your baby. This kit by Nuby, was created to fulfill most of your baby’s health care requirements.


7. Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit by The First YearsDeluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit by The First Years

Product Information:

  • This kit provides a complete set of health care and grooming items for your baby.
  • The bag also has a pocket for your extra items.
  • It is an essential kit from the birth of your baby.

Product Description:
Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit by The First Years, brings an all in one storage bag. This package includes nail kit, scissors, clippers, emery boards, toothbrushes for your toddler, a digital thermometer, a spoon and also a medicine dropper.


8. Nursery Essentials by Mommy’s HelperNursery Essentials by Mommy’s Helper

Product Information:

  • It contains most of your baby’s care items.
  • It also includes a medicine dropper.
  • It is very easy to use and handy storage bag.
  • It includes: a nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer, a medicine spoon, an infant gum massager and a storage case as well.

Product Description:
Nursery Essentials by Mommy’s Helper is a great grooming kit for your babies. It comes in 14 pieces set, including a nasal aspirator, an infant gum massager, a medicine spoon, a medicine dropper, a comb, a brush, the emery boards, Boo Boo pack and nail clippers etc. It is a very easy to use storage bag.


9. Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer InfantComplete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant

Product Information:

  • It includes the following items:
  • Digital thermometer.
  • A medical dispenser.
  • A strip with its case.
  • A gum massager.
  • A finger tooth brush.
  • 5 alcohol swabs and some other essential items.
  • It is the best nursery care kit for your newborn baby and above.

Product Description:
Complete Nursery Care Kit by Summer Infant is a great nursery care kit for your newborn baby and up. This kit includes are essential items which your babies ever need.


10. Baby Grooming kit by HugabugBaby Grooming kit by Hugabug

Product Information:

  • It is 8 piece baby grooming kit.
  • This kit includes; nail clippers, scissors, nasal aspirator, nail file, silicone finger toothbrush, comb and toothbrush.

Product Description:
Baby Grooming kit by Hugabug is 8 piece grooming kit for your baby which includes various essential items including; brush with soft bristles, rounded flexible bristles comb, a finger toothbrush made from silicone and a nasal aspirator to help your baby’s congestion. It comes with a convenient travel bag and also to keep these baby items organized.


List of Items Included in the kits:

Lets talk about most of the items included in grooming and healthcare kits one by one:


Baby Comb:

It is one of the oldest hair styling tools being used, while for baby; a comb should be a soft enough for their delicate scalp. And not only that, you also should comb them slowly because small snatched hair may give them pain.


What to Look For:

  • A baby comb should be really soft.
  • If you find the wooden or any natural baby comb, it would be the better.


Baby Hairbrush:

Brushing your baby’s hair everyday is really essential for number of reasons. These not only stimulate their scalp, but also calm them. Unlike baby comb, the baby brushes have soft bristles. There are several types of baby hairbrush from plastic to natural goat hair brushes.


What to Look For:

  • A hairbrush with very soft bristles to keep them comfortable while brushing.
  • A goat hair brush can be better.


Baby Gum Massager:

It is essential to keep your baby’s gums clean even when their first teeth have not come yet. It can be done by using a cloth or your finger by gently rubbing them. The gum massagers or teethers play a good role to prevent itchiness when baby’s new teeth are growing.


What to Look For:

It should be a gum massager with an ergonomic handle, which doesn’t slip from baby’s hands.


Baby Toothbrush:

Only for babies who have grown teeth. After massager, the next step is the toothbrush when baby has full grown teeth. However, the brush has to be small and there are various toddler brushes which can be used to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Here is a video on how to brush your baby’s teeth:


What to Look For:

Babies’ teeth shouldn’t be irritated by any regular brushes. A soft bristles brush would be great.


Baby Thermometer:

A baby thermometer is a useful healthcare tool you can have. Baby’s body temperature keeps changing and if they are too young to speak they can’t tell you whether they are feeling hot or cold. A digital thermometer can give you accurate digits. Here are some types of baby thermometers:


Rectal Thermometer:

As it sounds, it might make some people embarrassed yet it is one of the best kinds of thermometers to check infants’ temperature.


Axillary Thermometer:

These are used for checking temperature from armpits, which widely have been used for adults. These are not very accurate for some people.


Forehead Thermometer:

These are new kind of thermometers which can be used by placing on forehead and give temperature in digits. These are most accurate and can be used for babies who are around 6 months or more.


Oral Thermometer:

These are popular thermometers and are placed under the tongue. The only thing about these is that you shouldn’t give your baby who is under 4 years. Few years old baby wouldn’t be comfortable with that.


What to Look For:

Depending on thermometer type, it is always great to ask experts different parents close to you.


Baby Nail Clippers:

Trimming your baby’s nails is essential for many reasons. More often babies scratch their body and if they have bigger nails, they might hurt themselves. Using regular size nail clippers is not the right thing either. There are different nail clippers for babies but the nail clippers with light or magnifier would be great for a secured trimming.


What to Look For:

Because there are so many different baby nail clippers. Find the one with magnifier or light, so it can help you do it easily.


Nail Scissors:

Though nail clippers could be hard to use by many parents because the fear of accidently hurting them can already be horrifying. Another alternative can be baby nail scissors. The way these are designed is to trim your baby’s soft nails gently.


What to Look For:

Scissors with rounded edges are suitable for your baby’s tiny nails to avoid any accidents.


Baby Medicine Dropper:

These help in giving medicine to your baby, while it is always important to ask the doctor or an expert about the right dosage quantity, as there are many dosages which are based on baby’s weight. To use medicine dropper right way, you should hold your baby upright.


What to Look For:

There are many available but you should find one with good quality materials.


Baby Medicine Syringe:

Medicine syringe is another effective way to give medicine to your baby. To use these you should press the medicine bar slowly and shouldn’t immediately pour the medicine in their mouth. Babies should take medicine slowly and soon they will be used to it.


What to Look For:

The material should be good and flexible.


Pacifier Medicine Dispenser:

It is another form of dispenser which helps parents to give medicine to their baby easily. It is easy to use these by adding the medicine in its compartment. It has worked for many parents however, not every baby likes it though.


What to Look For:

A dispenser with digits to let you know the measurement quantity is right you may also have other ways to check it though.


Baby Medicine Spoon:

It helps in giving exact quantity of medicine to your baby as most of these spoons have numbers and measurement illustrated, making it another essential healthcare item.


What to Look For:

A medicine spoon might be of different sizes. As most would have the printed measurement numbers. Try to find the ones with embossed numbers as printed number might be erased because of washing it by time.


Baby Emery Boards:

Baby’s fingernails grow faster as compared to their toenails. Their fingers are so tiny which can hurt easily if you are trimming their nails without proper care. It is also the reason many experts suggest using only emery boards in the first weeks as their nails are very soft.


What to Look For:

These should be for babies, make sure these are small and not the regular ones as your baby’s nails would be small.


Baby Bath Sponges:

In the first weeks after your baby is born, you shouldn’t use a bath tub for them. Bath sponges can be used to clean their face and then body. After this you can use a small portion of good baby soap while you shouldn’t use much of it to avoid any skin problems.


What to Look For:

Make sure the materials are free of any harmful chemicals as these are to be used on your baby’s delicate skin.


Baby Nasal Aspirator:

These are used to prevent cold and congestion in baby, while you should use the good ones. It is always good to ask an expert depending on your baby’s age you may get a different suggestion. These days there are electric nasal aspirators which can work slowly to avoid any harm yet these are easy to use.


What to Look For:

Though there are electric and manual aspirators. If you go for a manual bulb aspirator, make sure it can be opened to wash off, or else, these get too dirty by using so many times. If it doesn’t open to clean, you should stop using it after few uses and find the new similar aspirator.


Some Health Care Tips:

  • When your newborn baby is few weeks old, the only way to tell you if they are hungry, they cry a lot. At night you may set an alarm for every two hours to feed your baby.
  • When your baby is 3 months old, it becomes normal for them to sleep six to eight hours. While in the day time you should not let them sleep for more than 3 hours and you should wake them up and feed them.
  • After bedtime bath and using lavender lotion, you can keep your baby awake on bed and he / she falls asleep while feeling drowsy.
  • There are certain foods which cause gas in babies. Mostly these are the same foods which cause gas in you. There are number of vegetables and fruits which can cause gas problems including: Beans, cabbage, oatmeal, cauliflower, apricots, peaches, pears and many other foods.
  • In winter, it doesn’t mean to wrap your baby too much in clothes to keep them warm. To protect their skin better you should use layers of breathable clothes to avoid any rash on their skin due to excessive heat.



  • While bathing your baby if you use soap or shampoo, make sure you tilt back your baby’s head so it doesn’t go in their eyes.
  • When baby’s teeth grows you can use a baby toothbrush to clean their teeth but to use a toothpaste make sure they reach at least two years age so they can clean their mouth.
  • To trim your baby’s nails if you are having hard time trimming their nails, you can use emery boards instead.
  • Sometimes it is ok to let baby cry till they fall asleep. It may sound really horrifying but it is true though. Further, you can watch this video:



Because each baby items would be difficult to find for new moms and could be expensive too, the grooming or healthcare kits are not only essential for your baby but the way these are packaged in convenient boxes or bags, you can actually give a gift to other new parents.


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