Baby Bath Essentials Definitive List

We know our babies also need to take bath. But they do not do that themselves as they are too young for that. So, parents are the one who do that for them. Babies do not roughly use the same items as we do for bath. They have their own items, and we can call these baby bath essentials.

Baby Bath Essentials

Bath Spout Covers:

Let’s first start with baby bathing. Chances are there would be a regular bath tub in your home where you usually bathe your baby. On one side of bath there is a faucet which is generally made of metal. As you know, grown up kids are playful. They like to move around so much even when you are bathing them. Other than the fun part, they may sometimes slip and bump their head to the faucet and may cause bruises on their head.

To solve this there are several bath spout covers with soft rubber material. Not only these have fun shapes but these protect your kids against sudden accidents.


Baby Bath Essentials List

Let’s talk about some other items in the essential items:


Bath Thermometers:

Another problem in the bath tub you may face is; water temperature. It isn’t always easy to know what is the right temperature for kids to bathe them. Bath thermometers are usually small toy shaped thermometers which not only tell exact water temperature but they float on water giving fun experience to your baby. Babies will be playing with the thermometer toy while you are bathing them.


Baby Bubble Bath:

To add even extra fun in a tub, there is bubble bath. And there is variety of bubble bath products suitable for babies. The ingredients are safe for babies so you don’t have to be worried about that.

How pleasant would that be for your baby seeing those tiny bubbles in the bath water. They may not even cry while bathing.


Baby Conditioner:

Now you may argue, but would be surprised to know there are many great baby conditioners to make your little ones hair soft and smooth. But it is better to read about every conditioner to better know at what age these are suitable for babies.

Each conditioner is different for baby, so you better ask an expert which to use for your baby.


Grooming & Healthcare Kits:

This one is most essential and handy bag or box which includes most important items for your baby. It includes; from hair comb to brush, teether, toothbrush, different thermometers, nail clippers, scissors, droppers and even medicine dispensers.

Not every grooming kit comes with all items but these have their own set of items. So, you may have to read what each kit includes and select the right ones.


Baby Brushes & Combs:

These are not the regular ones but small size combs and brush sets for tiny hair of your baby. Even if you find the good ones but you still have to make sure if the material is too soft for them.


Non-Slip Bath Mats:

When talking about baby’s safety, this item is another essential to keep in mind. A Bath tub mat with good material and texture keep your babies stay in place preventing them from slipping, sliding or drowning.

Even a small piece of rubber, it is beneficial many ways. While selecting one, you should make sure the suction cups are durable and these stick the bath mat firmly to the tub.

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