25 Best Activity Gyms for Babies for Their Playful Age

Baby activity gym or play mat is generally the same thing with different names. The purpose is to keep your baby active and playful since their early age. Those beautiful toys in the activity gym encourage your baby to grasp and the musical piano keep them kicking. While babies do it happily it also promotes fine motor skills in them at the same time. There are several kinds of the best activity gyms for babies, which we will talk in this article.

Best Activity Gyms for Babies
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We have to agree, we can’t hold our babies all the time whenever they are awake and there are several things to do during the day or at night.

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Why a Baby Gym is Necessary?

As baby grows; likes to move around in a few months. Of course, you do not want your baby to cry if he or she gets bored. A baby gym or playmat gets your baby’s attention with its colorful textures, toys and comfortable mat. Baby not only loves it, but remains in it for 15 to 20 minutes easily.

Here is the list of some of the best-selling and top rated best activity gyms for babies:

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym & Maracas Bundle

This Kick & Play Piano Gym presents four different ways to play for your kids, including; Lay & Play, Sit & Play, Tummy Time as well as Take-Along. As your baby grows, the learning content changes. The keyboard is detachable featuring five light-up keys. The gym includes five different activity toys which can be re-positioned, and it contains two rattle maracas also.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Piano Gym

The Good

  • Most parents agree their babies really enjoy this musical gym which plays beautiful sounds when they kick the piano buttons.
  • It can easily keep your baby playing for around 15 minutes to half an hour.

The Bad

  • Not enough bad things found about it, other than some parents feel the arch is bit lower.

2. Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym

This foldable and easy to carry baby gym has a plush toy with four different melodies and comes with a mirror which is baby safe. It contains various toy characters such as Flower teether which becomes good for your baby who is teething, The Ladybug bead chaser and Heart shaped ring rattle. Because of its size and durability it is ideal for newborns to 3 year babies.

Bright Starts Charming Chirps Activity Gym

The Good

  • If your baby is a girl, she will enjoy this pretty pink color. This small melodious gym is sure to keep her your baby busy.
  • Some parents are glad with the manufacturer’s support as they replace the parts in little time if there was something wrong.

The Bad

  • Some parents experienced problems with the musical owl with its functionality to play music.
  • But again as they replace the parts in near to no time, so it is still worth it.

3. Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym with Lights and Melodies

This colorful baby gym features eight classical melodies and it has 20 minutes playtime which looks enough for baby to enjoy. Whether your baby is lying on the gym, sitting up and even on the tummy time, will be amazed with the most beautiful toys. The detachable star has lovely light effects and it can be attached to a car seat or stroller. Whenever the mat is dirty, simply wash in the machine.

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Friends Play Gym

The Good:

  • Music is not only the thing to attract baby’s attention; the colorful lights have their importance too.
  • This gym has both with to keep your baby happy for long time. Another thing, it is so much colorful with bright colors.

The Bad:

  • Some parents feel it is not too easy to assemble, and for some the star which comes with it, didn’t work.
  • While it isn’t happened with everyone, most parents are happy with it.

4. The Play Gym by Lovevery; 5 Developmental Zones for Brain

Now when we talk about baby’s development, this one has 5 Development Zones which include; Fine, Gross Motor Skills along-with their Sensory Development, Wood Batting Ring, Mirrors, and Organic Teether. In this case, it is not only playful but healthy for your baby. Because of its design, it can be used for babies with all ages. It can be a great for your newborn, let him/her discover the beauty of this play gym along with their development from early age. It can easily setup within minutes without using extra tools.

The Play Gym by Lovevery; 5 Developmental Zones for Brain

The Good

  • Most parents are glad about this playful gym as it keeps their kids focused and entertained. Almost every kid loves it.
  • Not only that, the small booklet is helpful for mothers on how to use it for every stage of baby’s development.

The Bad

  • Only a small number of parents feel the colors were boring for their baby.

5. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

This gym has Cloud theme which has some useful items such as light-up star, bird rattle, the cloud squeaker, the musical sheep and a sunshine mirror which is safe for baby. The mat is large size for your baby to give a comfortable experience. The sheep sings and the Star features colorful LED lights. It is suitable for newborn babies and above. The material of this playful gym is BPA-free, Phthalates-free and PVC-free.

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

The Good:

  • Parents like the simple yet comfortable design of this play gym.
  • Because it has so much plush material baby wouldn’t get hurt even when they fall down in the gym.
  • It can make them feel secure and they like to stay in it for long while playing.

The Bad:

  • Some parents feel it bit expensive and do not like the quality.

6. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym

This 5 in 1 baby gym is adjustable and can be adjusted when your baby grows. The 10 balls which come with it are great for motor skill development of your baby. It also encourages photographic imagery to promote recognition skills for them. The toys are easy to clean by using a wet cloth. It has blue theme with world discovery so your baby learns about new things.

Baby Einstein Journey of Discovery Activity Gym

The Good:

  • It is another large size play gym so baby can move around comfortably.
  • Many parents are happy with its features and they find it an inexpensive solution.
  • If you place it in baby crib or a covered area, more than one baby can enjoy it.

The Bad:

  • Some parents didn’t like the quality of materials.

7. Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

It is not only a play gym but also a ball pit. Whenever you decide to make a ball pit, you simply need to turn up its wall. It already has forty colorful balls which are conveniently stored in the turtle head. The gym has four linkable sea pals. It comes with the BPA-free teether and overall gym is good for newborn and older babies.

Infantino Activity Gym and Ball Pit

The Good:

Some parents feel their newborn baby gets addicted to it even after growing near to a year, which makes it easily great for a long time. The linked toys are lovely having big eyes which are sure to grab your baby’s attention.

The Bad:

Some parents have different complaints about the quality and they feel it was made of cheap material. Few parents think the size was small for their baby.

8. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym (Pink)

It is another play gym with piano from Fisher Price, previous we talked about is on number 1st. Some features are different in it. As it has pink color, so it would be more suitable for your baby girl. Additionally, it has a mirror at its end. While the green gym we talked about had mirror on its side. Baby can sit up and play piano and watch herself in the mirror. This can be done by removing its detachable arch.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Piano Gym Pink

The Good:

  • Having piano keys at the end makes it a fun baby gym.
  • As your baby kicks the piano, the sound is played and it encourages your baby to do more of it.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complained the piano doesn’t stay stable when their baby kicks it.

9. Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Activity Play Mat

This gym features about 6 different engaging activities along with development toys. So, your baby gets happy and his development also promotes. Those beautiful toys are suitable for your baby’s small hands. The toys are detachable so your baby can have fun for long anywhere.

Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Activity Play Mat

The Good:

  • Many parents are happy because of its large size as their baby can move around easily.
  • Even if you have two kids, this gym mat still has extra space for them.
  • The easy to setup and detachable parts make it easy for you to wash at anytime.

The Bad:

  • Some parents experienced some problems regarding safety with this gym.
  • They think its quality gets worse after months of use. Such as its parts come out of the mat which can be harmful at times.

10. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym (Vintage Boy)

It is a convenient activity gym which folds and becomes compact in two simply 2 steps. This gym also has similar features like: Sit and Play, Overhead Discovery and Tummy Time. This activity gym is suitable for newborns and up to one year babies. It has polyester material and a large size Peek-a-boo mirror which will entertain your baby. Like some others, it also has four linkable toys. For tummy time, it has a plush prop to up pillow.

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

The Good:

  • It has multiple colors making it gender-neutral.
  • So, whether there is baby boy or baby girl, it is good for both.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complained that the twist and folding and twisting function didn’t work properly and they had a hard time doing it.

11. Tapiona Baby Gym Piano – Kick and Play Mat

This piano gym activity mat is also great for newborns and up to 3 year babies. It promotes baby’s development physically as well as mentally by its beautiful colors and sounds. The combination of polyester, fabric and plastic makes it soft textured comfortable mat. By laying down the toys arch, your baby will not only play but will learn about different colors and shapes.

Tapiona Baby Gym Piano Activity Mat

The Good:

  • It is a great gym play mat for babies who love to kick the piano while laying down in it.
  • With two options of playing music makes it easy to adjust to high or low volume.
  • Some parents also got happy as their baby wasn’t feeling bored after using it.

The Bad:

  • Some parents think the quality of the materials is low.

12. Bright Starts Zig Zag Safari, Activity Gym

This gym comes with a baby-safe mirror and it includes; Zebra chime, Ring rattle and the Leaf shaped toy. Sometimes you only need the mat; it has the removable bar which solves it for you. Its high contrast colors are great for your baby’s sensory development.

Bright Starts Zig Zag Safari

The Good:

  • Cleaning this gym mat is easy as it has detachable bar.
  • Some parents have been glad with its durability and they say it lasts longer.

The Bad:

  • Only a small percentage of parents didn’t like the quality, however, many people love it, so in this case there isn’t much bad about it.

13. Babymoov Babyni Activity Gym, For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Having three functions in one activity gym along-with canopy makes it stand out. It isn’t only a regular gym but it is great for outdoors also, whether you take your baby at a beach or park. This dome shape gym protects your baby’s skin against harmful UV-A & UV-B rays.

For a beach, its tent protects your baby from unwanted sand and wind making it great for outdoor use. It is an easy to fold and unfold gym.

Not only that, it has six beautiful toys to entertain your baby within the gym.

Babymoov Babyni Activity Gym

The Good:

  • Parents love how convenient it’s folding and unfolding feature is. Within minutes you can unfold and use it.
  • So, whenever you go on the beach, not only you enjoy but your kid is also safe within the gym and isn’t bothered by fast wind or flying sand.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complain it is covered gym so the airflow wasn’t that great.
  • In this case if you are using it in the summer; you might have to make sure it is not too hot outside, and if there is good airflow outside.
  • While for outdoors, you can visit a beach as there is usually great airflow.

14. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat (Grey Pastel)

This gym has a number of features including seventeen activities for baby’s development and thirteen loops making it easy to hang different toys. Its tummy time plush pillow has lovely print on its one side. It has larger surface takes a few minutes to assemble.

Skip Hop Baby Activity Gym Playmat

The Good:

  • It is colorful and even a few months old baby gets in love with it easily according to some parents.
  • Baby would love to grab those lovely soft toys.

The Bad:

  • Some parents think its quality gets worse after washing it.
  • And some parents complain the materials were not of high quality.

15. Life-Tandy Baby Kick and Gym Play Mat Lay & Play (3 in 1)

This play and activity gym features different ways to use including; lay and play, sit and play and tummy time. Parents can also take it anywhere conveniently. The soothing piano music along with comfortable mat keeps baby playing for the long time. It doesn’t contain harmful materials and it is non-toxic for baby.

Life-Tandy Baby Kick Gym Play Mat

The Good:

  • Like others, it is another good activity gym for baby’s development.
  • The arch has multiple colors with some lovely toys.
  • Many parents love the beautiful mat.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complained there weren’t instructions with it and it wasn’t that inexpensive.

16. Skip Hop Baby Infant and Toddler Activity Gym and Playmat

It is another great gym activity center which comes with more than seventeen activities for baby development. It has different features such as; felt flap, peek-a-boo and comes with a plush, tummy time pillow with sleeping bear design. Its material is BPA-free, Phthalates-free and PVC free. It is machine washable and can spot or wipe cleaned also.

Skip Hop Baby Infant Toddler Activity Gym

The Good:

  • It has some very beautiful toys which baby will loves to reach and grasp.
  • Even when your baby is a few months old, this colorful gym would look great to him or her.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complain it is simple and expensive as compared to its features.

17. Funny Supply Wood Play Gym with 3 Gym Toys

Now, when you are concerned about environment, this one is made from unfinished wood and keeps your baby close to nature. The wood finishing is smooth and those beautiful low hanging toys are easy to reach in baby’s hands. Its assembly is easy and you can fold it conveniently.

This gym’s legs are 19.7 inches and depth is 19.7 inches also. Its height is 17.7 inches from the floor. Because of its natural colors; it can easily match with other items in baby’s nursery.

Funny Supply Wood Play Gym

The Good:

  • Most parents are absolutely in love with this gym because it is made of wood.
  • By using this, you are keeping your baby away from plastic.
  • It is easy to assemble so it doesn’t take much time in setting it up.

The Bad:

  • We didn’t find any negative complains about it so far.

18. NEW 2019 Baby Gym Kick and Play Piano Activity Jungle Gym

This musical activity gym is actually so much colorful with light colors. With a Star Projector on its top glows your baby’s nursery. It also includes a Star mobile along-with four detachable toys. This gym has a Kick Piano with different sounds to teach your baby about sight and sound, language and movement. The gym has three music modes which keeps your baby in the gym for long. It sets up within minutes. It has 38 x 24 inches play mat which is BPA-free and safe for your baby.

NEW 2019 Baby Gym Kick and Play Piano Activity

The Good:

  • With its lovely colors, your baby can easily fall in love with this activity gym.
  • Some parents agree their baby feels comfortable in it and even sleeps peacefully.
  • Its projector glows your baby’s room with stars and you may see a beautiful baby’s smile.

The Bad:

  • There isn’t any negative complain about it so far.

19. Large Baby Play Mat BATTOP Kick and Play Piano Gym

This musical gym grows with your baby and it is suitable for newborns and up to 3 years age. This baby gym is easy to wash by removing its arch and piano. Because it folds easily, you can take it for outdoors and travels also.

Large Baby Play Mat BATTOP Piano Gym

The Good:

  • As it has adorable colors, it is great for your newborn baby girl.
  • Parents like how easy this gym is to wash by removing its parts, and it remains good after multiple washes.

The Bad:

  • Some parents didn’t like its quality and they think it is oversized.

20. Fisher-Price First Steps Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

This gym features 4 ways of playing and its keyboard has 2 different music modes: Piano and Continuous mode. It has four various linkable toys with different animal shapes along-with a self discovery mirror with large size.

Fisher-Price First Steps Piano Gym

The Good:

  • When it comes to your baby’s comfort, it hasn’t to do with how expensive something is but how good it is.
  • It can easily keep your baby kicking the piano and enjoying the toys for around half an hour.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complain the piano doesn’t work and for some it doesn’t remain in place.

21. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

This gym includes more than ten toys and various activities along-with a toucan with music which is removable and parents can take along. The duration of music is up to twenty minutes when you switch it to long play mode.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Music Lights Deluxe Gym

The Good:

  • Many parents are glad that their baby gets used to this gym easily because of its colorful theme and toys.
  • Baby gets delighted with its number of toys especially the toucan and spends hours playing with these.

The Bad:

  • Some parents experienced problems with top of its bird and they complain it didn’t work properly.

22. HAN-MM Wood Baby Gym with 3 Wooden Baby Teething Toys

It is another gym which is good for environment as it constructs from unfinished beech wood. There aren’t any chemicals used. It has wooden ring along-with baby teether. It has removable items so you can add and replace with other items. However, it is recommended for babies who are more than three months age. It promotes early motor skills in your baby.

Not only that, it also looks great along with other furniture items in your room.

Wood Baby Gym with Baby Teething Toys

The Good:

  • It is not only natural in construction but some parents like how easy it is to setup.
  • Its ribbon makes it easy to adjust for your newborn baby so that he or she can easily grasp the toys.

The Bad:

  • There isn’t any complain against it so far.

23. Skip Hop Explore & More Amazing Arch Baby Play Mat Activity Gym

This activity center and gym has an extra feature, which is the smartphone insert. It allows you to add a smartphone for a video chat where your relatives and friends can watch your baby on video chat, without you holding the phone. Other than that this gym has 20 development activities including; sound-activated dancing fox, hanging hedgehog teether with music, there is pull string peek-a-boo owl which hoots and more.

Another good thing about this gym is its surface which is quilted cotton to give maximum comfort because of its great softness. Its material is also BPA-free, free of phthalates and PVC-free.

Skip Hop Explore Baby Activity Gym

The Good:

  • Parents like it and agree how adorable it is for their baby. It grows with your child.
  • Its big mirror helps your baby to discover him or herself.
  • Especially, the phone slot feature is good for video chat with relatives living far away.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complain they had a hard time folding it, and they complain it wasn’t folding so they can carry it somewhere else conveniently.
  • Some parents say the batteries do not last long even after replacing.

24. Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Lights and Music Play Mat

The toys in this activity gym have beautiful and engaging textures to stimulate your baby’s senses and they are more likely to play with these. This gym features 15 different activities and it has 20 minutes of continuous music with its ten delightful tunes. It requires 3 AA batteries which are included with this gym.

Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe Play Mat

The Good:

  • Most parents are happy with that as it has multiple ways to play.
  • Even the mat has flowers with raised petals so your baby can grab these easily.
  • The fun animal toys have great texture and are durable.

The Bad:

  • Some parents think the toys are low quality.
  • A few parents complained the music didn’t work for more than a few days.

25. Infantino Topsy Turvy Explore and Store Activity Gym Turtles

This activity gym is great for newborn to six months babies. It is easy to fold to store conveniently. It features crinkle fabric along with clacker rings. Its teether is BPA free and it is textured.

Infantino Topsy Turvy Activity Gym Turtles

The Good:

  • This gym has slim and sleek design which conveniently folds up to carry.
  • Because of its slim design it is easy for travels.

The Bad:

  • Some parents complained its handle doesn’t stay in place, and the construction is not that durable

Types of Best Activity Gyms for Babies

While baby activity gyms do not have specific types, however, there are several features in these which make it look different from each other. So, let’s talk about those features which make it unique looking and make a different activity gym:

1. Baby Activity Gym with Balls Pit:

This type of gym has usually multiple features, such as it is a gym but converts to a ball pit. Its corners may have raise-up walls to turn it into a ball pit. One of those we found is turtle-shape gym with balls storage in its head. So when balls are not in use, you can store in it conveniently. The benefit here is; you do not have to look for an extra balls pit for baby.

2. Activity Gym with Piano:

This one is most popular form of baby gym as it has a piano on its one end. Baby can kick either kick the piano or sit and play it (after reaching that age). It requires batteries for the piano which usually come with the set.

3. Dome Shape Baby Gym:

It is usually great for outdoors because your baby can be affected by many things outside, such as bugs, wind or sand. This type of baby gym also has a canopy to protect your baby from direct sunlight. It still depends on the requirements. However, you should make sure there is enough airflow so your baby isn’t affected by heat.

Safety Instructions:

  • These days most baby activity gyms come with safety standards, however, you still have to do your search to be sure.
  • Always look for an activity gym which has durable toys and make sure the toys are firmly connected to the gym bar. Do not go for baby gym with small parts which baby might swallow. Instead look for gyms with large size firm teethers.
  • Usually most playmats or gyms have plastic materials. Make sure these are BPA-free and PVC-free.
  • As suggested time is fifteen to twenty minutes to leave your baby in the gym as it is the common timeframe for most babies they enjoy. However, you still have to keep an eye on your baby and never leave them alone for long time.
  • It is better to keep baby gym clean by washing these time to time or when you notice these get dirty, so your baby remains healthy.

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