Top 10 Baby Bath Thermometers

One of the factors for the baby bath is to know the right temperature whether water in the tub is too hot or cold. We can check it by putting our hand into the water, but baby’s skin is too delicate as compared to our skin. Baby bath thermometers tell the temperature you want to know in digits.

Types of Baby Bath Thermometers:

These days baby bath thermometers are mostly built-in with different bathtubs, bath spout covers and faucet extenders. In this article, we will talk about toy shaped bath thermometers which not only serve the purpose of showing temperature in digits but are in toy shapes to keep your kids playing with them during bath time.


Bath thermometers are mostly made of plastic and batteries are built-in with these. When these are not in use, the display turns off automatically to save the batteries, and it usually happens within half hour in idle mode.

Baby Bath Thermometers
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Here is a list of Top 10 best-selling and top rated baby bath thermometers, you can see the list below:

1. Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer by OzeriBaby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Product Information:

  • New Turtlemeter, very safe and fun for children and their parents.
  • Can be activated instantly in water.
  • Very safe and fun as a bath toy as well as a thermometer.
  • It gives water temperature information every second and it has easy to watch LCD.
  • It has three screen colors, such as green for just right temperature, blue for cold water and red for hot water.

Product Description:
Presenting new Turtlemeter digital baby bath thermometer which is fun and a bath thermometer for babies. It activated instantly into the water while you do not need any buttons to set it up. It calculates fastly that how the temperature changes each second, and it shows the water temperature with three colors to recognize the temperature such as blue color for cold water, red for hot and green for just normal. 3 AAA batteries are included with this product.

2. Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer with Alarm by AquatopiaDeluxe Safety Bath Thermometer with Alarm

Product Information:

  • Very easy to use, no buttons required.
  • It activates automatically once you put it into water.
  • Provides information about water temperature each 2 seconds.
  • Alerts you with its alarm if water suddenly changes as too hot or too cold.
  • It is a baby bath thermometer and a toy as well.

Product Description:
This product is straightforward to use, and it has a great alarm, so it eliminates the guess and continuously provides you with indications by its signal and its LCD. It will alert you once water goes above 100 degree F or if it becomes too cold below 90 degree F. As other products it is also activated instantly once you put it into water and it will become de-activated once you take it out. It has no buttons and is very easy to use.

3. White Hot Safety Bath Ducky by MunchkinWhite Hot Safety Bath Ducky by Munchkin

Product Information:

  • This bath ducky is a fun toy for baby and it also has safety disc which shows whenever water is hot.
  • It is easy to grasp and babies can play with it.

Product Description:
White Hot Safety Bath Ducky by Munchkin is a fun bath toy for your baby, and it is watertight, which prevents it from sinking. It has the lovely design for your baby to play with it. Its safety disc shows the word hot whenever water is too hot for your baby.

4. Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer (Duckymeter) by OzeriFloating Duck Toy Bath Tub Thermometer by Ozeri

Product Information:

  • It is a duck Digital LED Thermometer.
  • Reads the water temperature accurately.
  • Color coded to see the right temperature.
  • Batteries do not come with it.

Product Description:
It is a beautiful looking Ducky LED Thermometer which is fun for your baby as well. This thermometer shows you the temperature of water accurately. Button-less so you do not have to get annoyed by pressing buttons and instantly activated once you place into water.

5. Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy by MotherMedBaby Bath Thermometer by MotherMed

Product Information:

  • This bath thermometer activates instantly in water and you can also activate it by shaking it.
  • It can also be used as room thermometer.

Product Description:
Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy by MotherMed is not just a bath thermometer; it can be used for the room too. This thermometer shows the temperature on its LCD screen. It has the built-in battery, and it shows three levels of temperature.

6. Baby Thermometer Ducky Designed by DreamBoyBaby Thermometer Ducky Designed DreamBoy

Product Information:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has 30 minutes auto shut timer.
  • You can switch it easily b/w celsius and fahrenheit.
  • It shows you temperature every 10 seconds.

Product Description:
Nowadays getting exact water temperature for your babies can be challenging. The Dreamboy presents Room and Bath Thermometer which helps you to eliminate any guess, and you do not have to start wondering about water temperature. It is straightforward to use and fun for your babies as a toy. This thermometer will identify the temperature for water every 10 seconds, and it is capable to automatically turned off after every 30 minutes when not in use. It protects its battery for more extended use.

7. Rubber TempGuard (Ducky) by Safety 1stRubber TempGuard by Safety 1st

Product Information:

  • This ducky thermometer is tested for safety and durability.
  • It is made from high quality materials.
  • It has temperature gauge strip which changes color to tell you the water is too hot.

Product Description:
Rubber TempGuard (Ducky) by Safety 1st is lovely ducky bath toy and thermometer which shows the water is too hot by its gauge strip. It floats on water and makes bath fun for your baby. It has the small size for your baby’s little hands.

8. Turtle Shape Bath Thermometer by MobiTurtle Shape Bath Thermometer by Mobi

Product Information:

  • It has a very clear LED indicator and easy to read, shows hot and cold temperature.
  • It is water proof and gives signals for too hot and too cold water.
  • Battery included with the product.

Product Description:
It monitors bath temperature accurately and efficiently. Shows temperature in Fahrenheit and easy to read. This thermometer alerts about hot and cold temperature. Batteries come with this Mobi Bath Thermometer.

9. Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer by BabylianFloating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer by Babylian

Product Information:

  • This bath thermometer can be used easily and it doesn’t have on and off buttons.
  • It LCD displays three colors to show the water temperatures such as hot, cold and just right water.

Product Description:
Floating Snail Toy Bath Thermometer by Babylian has big LCD to show the water temperature. This purple thermometer is waterproof and provides safety and fun to your baby.

10. Baby Bath and Room Thermometer by Philips AventBaby Bath and Room Thermometer by Philips Avent

Product Information:

  • An ideal bathroom water temperature thermometer.
  • Your baby can play with this product and can enjoy bathing.
  • Shows water temperature from 36.5 Centigrade to 38 Centigrade.

Product Description:
This digital bath and room thermometer by Philips Avent is an ideal thermometer for your babies and their room. This thermometer is also a good toy for your baby; they can play with it during the bath. It shows the temperature of water from 36.5 C to 38 C, while you must beware at the temperature of 39 C or above as it would be too hot water and can seriously harm your baby. While if you use it in baby’s room, then at the temperature of 18 C your baby will feel more comfortable to sleep. For extra safety, you must follow instructions which come with the product.

How to Use a Baby Bath Thermometer?

These are easy to use just by putting in water, while float and tell the temperature. Further, you can watch this video to know how to do it:


Are Baby Bath Thermometers Even Necessary to Use?

These lightweight digital baby bath thermometers show the temperature which can be necessary to keep your baby safe. The other benefit is the same thermometer becomes your baby’s favorite toy because of the design and shape. Here is a discussion to explain why it is essential to use a baby bath thermometer.

Other Methods to Check Water Temperature:

Many people say that you can also check the water temperature by using your elbow. If you do not have baby bath thermometers, you can try that too but it is always better to use a bath thermometer if you have first days of baby bathing and in this case, you might not have much of experience. Here is a video to explain how you can do it:


Safety Tips:

  • Other than having the right water temperature you also need to be with your baby all the time, and you never have to leave them alone. That means ignoring all phone calls and any other things during their bathtime.
  • According to NationwideChildren’s you have to keep one hand on baby even if you have to turn away from them.
  • Aside from the baby bath thermometers, there are some other things to consider for your baby’s safety, such as bath mats with the non-slip texture, so your baby doesn’t slip while bathing.
  • Make sure that the temperature screen on the thermometer is easy to read, in other words; it shouldn’t be the too small screen.

Some More Things to Remember:

As a safety concern there are still several things to remember. Here are some:

What Newborn Bath Temperature Fahrenheit Should Be?

After searching from various sites, I came to know that it should be less than 100 Fahrenheit. More than that can be harmful for your baby because of sensitive skin and their body temperature. The bath temperature should not be too hot or too cold for them.

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