Top 10 Baby Bottle Nipples

For an efficient feeding, the next thing after good quality baby bottles, is a bottle nipple. There are various kinds of baby bottle nipples, including: slow/medium/fast flow, natural flow and many others. It would be great to make sure whether bottle nipples are BPA-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Baby Bottle Nipples
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Here is a list of top 10 baby bottle nipples. Some of these are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. 2 Natural Flow (Level 2) Standard Nipple by Dr. Brown’sNatural Flow Level 2 Standard Nipple by Dr. Brown's

Product Information:

  • These are standard level 2 nipples (pack of 2).
  • These nipples are made for Dr. Brown’s standard bottles.
  • These are made from high grade silicone. These are supersoft and dishwasher safe as well.
  • These nipples can be used for babies who are three months and older in age.

Product Description:
2 Natural Flow Standard Nipples by Dr. Brown’s are designed to promote health and optimal nutrition for your baby. These nipples are dishwasher safe (top-rack only). These are supersoft and for babies with age of 3 months and older. The nipples are made by using high grade silicone.


2. Silicone Replacement Nipple – Clear (6 Months – 2 Packs) by ComotomoSilicone Replacement Nipple by Comotomo

Product Information:

  • It is a naturally shaped silicone nipple. This is ideal for breastfed babies.
  • This is a soft nipple and eliminates any nipple confusion issues.
  • The nipple remains safe in boiling water, the dishwashers, sterilizers and microwave also.
  • The dual anti-colic vents prevents unwanted air intake and these also reduce colic as well.

Product Description:
Silicone Replacement Nipples by Comotomo are designed for Comotomo baby bottles. These soft and naturally shaped nipples are designed for babies who are having problems while transitioning from nursing to bottle feeding. These replacement nipples have 2 innovative vents which prevent colic and eliminate leaking issues also.


3. Natural Fast Flow Nipples (2 Count) by Philips AventNatural Fast Flow Nipples by Philips Avent

Product Information:

  • Its comfort petals make the nipple flexible and softer.
  • The nipple shape promotes natural suckling motions and the twin anti-colic valves provide with more comfortable feeding.
  • It has odorless silicone, which is durable and is easy to sterilize as well.

Product Description:
Natural Fast Flow Nipples by Philips Avent are designed to help babies to feed from breast and bottle. The nipple’s wide shape is similar to breast and it is also soft and rounded. It has twin anti colic valves which keep air in the bottle and reduce colic. Its comfort petals make the nipple more soft and flexible to provide an uninterrupted feeding. The nipple is made from durable silicone which is flavorless and odorless.


4. Fast Flow Nipples (2 Count) by Tommee TippeeFast Flow Nipples by Tommee Tippee

Product Information:

  • These nipples are made from silicone and these have faster flow rate and are suitable for babies with age over 6 months.
  • The easi-vent valve prevents colic and gas.
  • These wide neck nipples are BPA-free and phthalate-free also.

Product Description:
Fast Flow Nipples by Tommee Tippee are flexible nipples and these have movement similar to mum’s breast. The fast flow rate in these nipples is suitable for babies six months plus. These nipples allow an easy transition between breast and baby. These nipples are made from silicone.


5. Slow Flow Soft Nipple (12 Count) by EnfamilSlow Flow Soft Nipple by Enfamil

Product Information:

  • This nipple is appropriate for younger babies or those who need slower, longer feeding.
  • This nipple has a slower flow and smaller opening, and these are latex free as well.

Product Description:
Slow Flow Soft Nipples by Enfamil are ready to use and these come wrapped individually. These will easily fit most baby bottles with standard or classic size openings. These are latex-free nipples and are designed for baby who needs slower feeding.


6. Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple by MedelaWide Base Slow Flow Nipple by Medela

Product Information:

  • These nipples are compatible with all Madela breast milk bottles.
  • These can be cleaned in the dishwasher, boiled, micro steamed or can be washed by hand as well.

Product Description:
Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple by Medela provides natural feel to your baby and these nipples are available for slow and medium flow for feeding your infants and newborn babies. These can be cleaned easily in a dishwasher, by boiling, micro steam or by hand. These BPA-free nipples are safe for moms and babies.


7. Silicone Nipples (Level 3) 6M+ Fast Flow by Born FreeSilicone Nipples 6M+ Fast Flow by Born Free

Product Information:

  • These nipples are made from silicone and these have fast flow and are BPA-free.
  • These are great for babies with six months plus age.
  • These nipples are designed for Born Free bottles and toddler cups.

Product Description:
Silicone Nipples Fast Flow by Born Free provide a faster flow and these are made from BPA-free silicone. These are ideal nipples for your older baby. These are designed to work with all Born Free bottles and transition cups and to meet requirements during your baby’s stage of development these come in 5 different flow rates.


8. NaturaLatchNipple Medium Flow (2 Count) by PlaytexNaturaLatchNipple Medium Flow by Playtex

Product Information:

  • These nipples are made from silicone and are BPA-free.
  • These are designed for Playtex bottles, Playtex nurser with drop ins liners and Playtex ventaire as well.

Product Description:
NaturaLatchNipple Medium Flow (2 Count) by Playtex has a raised nipple textured area which provides a similar to breast feeding experience to your baby. The nipple is made from BPA-free silicone. It is designed to reduce colic and gas.


9. Classic Silicone Nipple Fast Flow (4 Pack) by EvenfloClassic Silicone Nipple Fast Flow by Evenflo

Product Information:

  • These nipples are BPA-free.
  • These provide a fast flow and these are sensitive response nipples.

Product Description:
Classic Silicone Nipples Fast Flow by Evenflo are sensitive response nipples which respond to baby’s pressure and provide with right amount of liquid. The micro air vents are designed to reduce gas and these are BPA-free nipples.


10. Silicone Nipples (6+ Months – 2 Pack) Stage 3 by LifefactorySilicone Nipples by Lifefactory

Product Information:

  • These silicone nipples are for your infant with age 6 months and older.
  • These are vented to reduce colic, air intake and spit ups.

Product Description:
Silicone Nipples Stage 3 by Lifefactory provide a higher flow to meet requirements of your hungry babies from six months and up and these vented nipples reduce air intake and prevent spit ups and colic in babies. These nipples are compatible with Lifefactory glass baby bottles with 4 ounces to 9 ounces and it is pack of 2 nipples.

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