Top 10 Baby Bubble Bath Products

Bubble bath brings lots of fun to your baby during bath time. They would like to play with bubbles in the bathtub. It is at least another way to encourage your baby to take a bath. Holding tiny bubbles in hands and experiencing how bubbles are made and could be a fun adventure for your babies. Baby bubble bath can usually be found in liquid form.

Is there Age Limit for Baby?

To take a bubble bath, your baby should be at least three years, and at this age, your baby can tell you if they feel something not right. Bubble bath is made using certain liquids, and not all kind of brands may suit your baby’s skin. There are still some famous though. Make sure using a baby bubble bath which is good for their sensitive skin. Bubble bath is also called the foam bath.

Baby Bubble Bath
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Here is the list of top 10 baby bubble bath products. Some of these are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:

1. Baby Bubble Bath (Fragrance Free) by BabyganicsBaby Bubble Bath by Babyganics

Product Information:

  • This bubble bath is made by using Natural Plant-Based Ingredients and it is gentle for your baby’s skin.
  • It is non-allergenic and is Pediatricians and Dermatologists tested also.

Product Description:
Baby Bubble Bath by Babyganics is non-allergenic bubble bath and it is free of sulfates, mineral oil, phthalates, petrolatum, dyes or artificial fragrances. It contains 100 percent NeoNourish Seed Oil which would nurture and support your baby’s skin. Tested by Pediatricians and Dermatologists. It is not tested on animals.

2. Baby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash by Live CleanBaby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath by Live Clean

Product Information:

  • This Hypoallergenic and tear-free bubble bath keeps your baby relaxed and calms them.
  • It is 98 percent plant derived.

Product Description:
Baby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash by Live Clean contains blend of lavender, vanilla, jasmine and chamomile which have sleep inducing properties for your baby and it soothes them. It contains natural coconut and Safflower Oils which would keep your baby’s delicate skin smooth and soft. It is tested by pediatricians and is free from pthlates, SLS, parabens and patroleum.

3. Johnson’s Baby Bubble Bath (28 Fl. Oz.)Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath

Product Information:

  • It comes in 28 fluid ounce bottle and it provides fun to your baby on bath time.
  • This bubble bath is pareben-free, phthlates-free, and doesn’t use soap or dye and it isn’t tested on animals.

Product Description:
Johnson’s Baby Bubble Bath cleans your baby’s skin gently and provides fun during bath time. It is designed to be used for baby’s with age of six months and old. By using it at night makes your baby sleep better.

4. Eczema Bubble Podz by TruKid (Natural Bubble Bath with Oatmeal)

Eczema Bubble Podz by TruKid

Product Information:

  • These Bubble Podz provide your baby with long lasting bath bubbles and an enjoyable bath.
  • It eliminates unpleasant itching and moiturizes your baby’s skin.

Product Description:
Eczema Bubble Podz by TruKid contains pre-measure pods which are ready to use by simply dropping one pod in the bathtub water. It moisturizes your baby’s irritated skin and at the same time it eliminates unpleasant itching. Safe for your kids and tested by pediatricians and dermatologists. Free from phthalates, gluten and parabens. Even the kids with eczema or sensitive skin can use these pods.

5. Extra Gentle Bubble Bath by Sesame StreetExtra Gentle Bubble Bath by Sesame Street

Product Information:

  • It is extra sensitive and Hypoallergenic bubble bath.
  • This bubble bath is tear-free, doesn’t use dyes, and free of parabens also.

Product Description:
Extra Gentle Bubble Bath by Sesame Street moisturizes your baby’s skin naturally as it has Vitamin E and Aloe. It is tested by dermatologists and approved by pediatricians. This bubble bath makes rich and long lasting bubbles in bath water.

6. Alaffia – EveryDay Shea – Moisturizing Shea Butter Bubble Bath for BabiesAlaffia Moisturizing Shea Butter Bubble Bath

Product Information:

  • This bubble bath can be used everyday and it is ideal for all skin types.
  • It contains shea butter to protect skin and it is gluten-free also.

Product Description:
Alaffia – EveryDay Shea – Moisturizing Shea Butter Bubble Bath for Babies contains Shea Butter to soften and protect your baby’s skin. It contains natural ingredients including Lavender and Lemon to keep for relaxation and freshness. It is especially designed for your baby’s sensitive skin and it is great for all skin types.

7. Bubble Bath for Colds & Flu, (Eucalyptus ease “for tranquil relief”) by California BabyBubble Bath for Colds & Flu Eucalyptus ease by California Baby

Product Information:

  • This works best for cold and flu and relieves congestion and stuffiness in babies.
  • It doesn’t contain any sodium lauryl sulfate / DEA and numbing agents.
  • It contains pure and organically grown ingredients.

Product Description:
It comes in 13 oz equivalent to 390 ml bottle with a twist cap, easy to open or close. It is suitable for newborn babies and olders as well. You can use it anytime whenever you feel your baby is feeling sneezing or sniffles. This California Baby Cold and Flue Bubble bath is a lifesaving product whenever your baby gets congested or cranky. Actually a bubble bath specially warm, can lower the temperature and heals muscle ache. It doesn’t contain nut oils, soy, oat, gluten, dairy or any harmful ingredients.

8. Baby Bee Bubble Bath by Burt’s BeesBaby Bee Bubble Bath by Burt's Bees

Production Information:

  • No more tears, as it is a tear-free and also SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) free.
  • It cleanses your baby very softly without causing any irritation.
  • It contains natural ingredients so it is not harmful for your baby.

Product Description:
It is suitable for fun bath time for your babies, while it is a tear-free and SLS-free bubble bath, cleans the skin very gently. It contains over 98% natural ingredients, including coconut oil and its beautiful fragrance. Does not contains harmful ingredients such as petrochemical, phthalates or synthetic fragrances of any kind. It is also good to use everyday.

9. Baby Bubble Bath by Dolphin OrganicsBaby Bubble Bath by Dolphin Organics

Product Information:

  • Dolphin Organic Baby Bubble Bath is Hypo-allergenic and Gluten-Free product.
  • It is very gentle bubble bath for your baby, but can be good for whole family.
  • It is a tear-free formula and fragrance-free.

Product Description:
Dolphin Organics baby bubble bath is fragrance and tear-free formula. It contains variety of organic and natural ingredients to clean your baby’s skin very gently and smoothly. It contains a mixture of organic aloe, calendula and oat kernel, which soothes and moisturize your baby’s soft skin everytime.

10. Dewey’s Baby Bubble Bath by My True NatureDewey's Baby Bubble Bath by My True Nature

Product Information:

  • This creates very big bubbles, and kids love to play with during bath time.
  • It is very mild and will not cause any irritation even on the sensitive skins.
  • Contains various organic botanicals.

Product Description:
My True Nature Dawey’s Bubble bath creates very big bubbles which is really surprising and a fun for your baby. Its extracts such as aloe, white peony tea and plant ago extracts, cleanse the skin very softly and remove any germs.

What Tub Size Should Be?

It can be any tub but it would be great to have small size tub for kids. Because it wouldn’t only look good but your kids may enjoy that too. However, once your kids are growing, they can use a regular tub too.

Benefits of Using Bubble Bath:

Bubble bath actually makes kids’ bath time more enjoyable and there are some benefits too:

  • It moisturizes their skin as there are many bubble bath products which contain Vitamin E and Aloe to keep their skin fresh and hydrated.
  • Most of these with aromatherapy oils soothe them and relieve stress also.
  • The lovely fragrances for kids in these delight them. Kids have a specific choice of fragrances and the sweet ones are most liked by them.

Homemade Bubble Bath:

If you don’t want to get a bubble bath brand and want to make a natural bubble bath at home for you and your kids, you can do it. For doing this you need some ingredients such as half cup of warm water, half cup of liquid castile soap, one fourth cup of vegetable glycerin and some essential oils. Here is the complete way of making bubble bath at home.
Further, here is a video tutorial of making homemade baby bubble bath:




  • To make more bubbles in the bubble bath, you need to use one fourth of the cup of bubble bath and make sure you put in the running water to make enough foam in the bath tub.
  • Using bubble bath actually makes bath more enjoyable for kids so they are more likely to say yes for bath time.


So, you can understand that a better baby bubble bath is not only good for baby relaxation, it also gives them great enjoyment. Whether you want to find a good bubble bath for your baby or make it at home, it should be something good for their skin and relaxation. 

Safety Tips:

  • Some kids can be allergic to certain kind of bubble bath brands. If you experience any kind of skin reaction in your kids, you should immediately stop using that and talk to an expert to suggest you the better according to baby’s skin type.
  • If your baby is suffering from diaper rash you should avoid using bubble bath and many other things such as perfumed soaps. Consider using diaper rash creams which would help it.
  • Since bubble bath doesn’t work well in cold water, the water should be warm. However you should be sure the warm temperature doesn’t exceed 100 degree F to be safe for baby.

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