Top 10 Baby Diaper Creams

Diaper rash occurs in baby from time to time. Their skin get inflamed which is also called dermatitis and small part of their skin turns red. To avoid it, you should change baby’s diaper frequently and do not let their skin remain wet for long. Baby’s skin is sensitive, as a responsible parent you should make sure that their clothes are not too warm in summer days. However, when diaper rash has started, there are different baby diaper creams to soothe them and heal rash on their skin.

Is Baby Diaper Cream Better than Baby Powder?

Many parents suggest using baby diaper creams or ointments whenever you see diaper rash on your baby’s skin. Baby powder for diaper rash isn’t a good thing for many reasons. It is recommended to use diaper rash cream before it gets worse.

Baby Diaper Creams
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If you continue to read, you will find top rated and best selling baby diaper creams to prevent diaper rash and to make your baby happy and smiling once again.

1. Rapid Relief Cream by Destin

Product Information:

  • It relieves diaper rash in your babies.
  • A creamy formula that works smoothly and you can wipe it off very easily.
  • Moisturizes your baby’s skin.

Product Description:
Rapid Relief Cream by Destin, is a very smooth diaper rash for your babies. It contains zinc oxide to block moisture from their skins. It provides relief to your baby’s skin once you have started to use it. Most of the mom’s like Rapid Relief Cream by Destin as it works faster than other diaper rash creams. It makes your babies feel comfortable.

2. Weleda Diaper Care Cream with Calendula (2.8 oz)Weleda Diaper Care Cream with Calendula

Product Information:

  • It is made by using Calendula extract and it doesn’t contain parabens, synthetic fragrances or phthalates.
  • Comes in 2.8 ounce tube.

Product Description:
Weleda Diaper Care Cream with Calendula is rich cream to care for your baby’s delicate skin. It protects from moisture and it forms a protective barrier by its another ingredient Zinc oxide. The combination of sweet almond oil, calendula and sesame oil nourishes your baby’s skin.

3. Diaper Rash Cream, Dimethicone Zinc Oxide Cream by A&DDiaper Rash Cream Dimethicone Zinc Oxide Cream by A&D

Product Information:

  • It heals diaper rash in babies.
  • Comforts and heals your baby’s irritated skin.
  • Can be used very easily and can be wiped off too.

Product Description:
Diaper Rash Cream, Dimethicone Zinc Oxide Cream by A&D, calms diaper rash in your babies and heals their irritated skin and helps your babies to feel comfortable. It contacts vitamin A & D. It protects your baby’s soft skin from diaper rash in the future.

4. Baby Diaper Rash Cream, Fragrance by AveenoBaby Diaper Rash Cream Fragrance by Aveeno

Product Information:

  • It is a fragrance free formula.
  • Contains oat essence and natural willowherb extracts.
  • Created to reduce diaper rash faster in your babies.
  • Starts to work from the first use.

Product Description:
Baby Diaper Rash Cream, Fragrance by Aveeno is created by the help of dermatologists this diaper rash cream helps to reduce diaper rash in your babies fastly. It has zinc oxide formula which works great from the first use to prevent diaper rash in the future. It contains natural willowherb extracts and oat essence to calm your baby’s gentle skin.

5. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash OintmentBoudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

Product Information:

  • It is developed by 100% natural ingredients to heal your baby’s skin and to make it healthier.
  • Also reduces redness of your baby’s gentle skin.
  • Contains aloe vera which to treat diaper rash smoothly.
  • Relieves your baby’s skin overnight.
  • Easy to use and easy to wipe off.

Production Description:
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment, was developed to provide fast relief from the first use. It is created only by natural ingredients and not any worst chemicals. It has a beautiful fragrance and it keeps your baby fresh.

6. Diaper Cream by Grandma El’sDiaper Cream by Grandma El's

Product Information:

  • It is made by completely organic ingredients.
  • Recommended by pediactricians.
  • Fragrance free formula.

Product Description:
Diaper Cream by Grandma El’s is recommended by pediatricians it is a great healing ointment and cream as well. It helps to prevent diaper rash in your babies. It has a beautiful fragrance and provides your baby with a long lasting freshness.

7. Diaper Cream by ErbavivaDiaper Cream by Erbaviva

Product Information:

  • It is made by 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Heals your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Contains Echinacea which helps to sooth wounds and irritation on your baby’s skin.
  • Perfumed with organic lavender oils.

Product Description:
Diaper Cream by Erbaviva is developed by 100% natural cream with Echinacea, it helps to heal your baby’s soft skin. It comforts your baby and make him smile once again. It has a beautiful scent added by Lavender and Chamomile.

8. Diaper Rash Cream Tube – Calming by California BabyDiaper Rash Cream Tube Calming by California Baby

Product Information:

  • It is made with 12 percent zinc and pure lanolin.
  • Anti-fungal properties and it is also anti-bacterial.
  • water resistant also.

Product Description:
Diaper Rash Cream Tube – Calming by California Baby, works great to heal diaper rash in your baby. It does not contain any bad chemicals. It contains ingredients to calm your baby and to feel comfortable.

9. Baby Diaper Rash Cream by AquaphorBaby Diaper Rash Cream by Aquaphor

Product Information:

  • This 3 in 1 diaper cream not only soothes and treats baby diaper rash but also prevents it.
  • It is recommended by pediatricians.

Product Description:
Baby Diaper Rash Cream by Aquaphor soothes and protects your baby’s skin from diaper rash. It contains zinc oxide along with Panthenol. It can also be used during first signs on diaper rash.

10. DIAPER RASH CREAM by PinxavDiaper Rash Cream by Pinxav

Product Information:

  • It contains best ingredients to heal diaper rash.
  • Rapidly stops the pain in your babies and heals their soft skin.
  • Contains zinc oxide.

Product Description:
DIAPER RASH CREAM by Pinxav contains zinc oxide as the main ingredient, it works fast and softly to heal your baby than most other products. It can be the best gift to a mom to comfort their babies by preventing diaper rash in them.

Alternatives to Baby Diaper Creams:

There are some natural ways to heal diaper rash on baby’s skin. Some may have even more properties. Following are some of these methods to cure diaper rash for your baby:

Coconut Oil Method:

Coconut oil can be a great alternative because of its different natural healing properties. While, you should not use coconut oil alone instead of diaper cream but by mixing it with some other ingredients including Shea butter, essential oils and arrowroot powder. Here is a method to mix it together before applying on diaper rash. Further, you can store it in a jar to use it later again.

Lanolin Method:

With soothing properties, lanolin can also be used to prevent diaper rash. Since, it has been used in the early days, it is still convenient for baby’s skin. It can also be used on the broken skin wherever other skin creams might not be allowed to use. To make it work for your baby’s skin, you would need to rub a small portion on your fingers for a while and then apply on your baby’s skin.

Vaseline Method:

Another alternative which has been used is Vaseline, there are various discussions to prove it can be used instead of diaper creams while some people suggest not to use it on the rash directly as it makes enough barrier to prevent diaper rash from breathing and healing.

Is Powder Safe for Diaper Rash?

Cornstarch powder is good for baby, while the powders with regular ingredients aren’t really good to use and these may cause dryness and some serious problems. If you look through this babycenter discussion you will find out that powders shouldn’t be used for long term for diaper rash.

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream:

In addition, you can also make baby diaper creams at home if you have right ingredients. For doing this you would need ingredients like Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Zinc Oxide and some other ingredients. Here is complete method of making diaper rash cream at home.

Diaper Cream Uses For Adults:

Some of the other great benefits of diaper creams are these heal several adult skin problems too. Surprisingly, it can also be used for treating acne in adults. Because, most of the diaper creams contain ingredients like, zinc oxide and calendula, making it beneficial for adults’ skin too. The diaper cream is great to prevent body odor also.

What are Different Types of Baby Diaper Creams?

There are mainly 3 different types of baby diaper creams: Creams are normally water based and are easy to absorb in baby’s skin. Diaper Ointments which do not absorb immediately and remain on the skin for longer. Paste form creams add a moisture barrier on the skin.

Safety Tips:

  • To prevent diaper rash, you should change your baby’s diapers often so baby’s skin remains clean.
  • It is quite necessary to keep diapers tight enough to prevent leaks but you shouldn’t make these too tight. Using breathable diapers would be better too.

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