Top 10 Baby Hammering & Pounding Toys

To develop motor skills for your baby or toddler; there are various baby hammering and pounding toys which are colorful and entertaining. These are also ideal to develop hand/eye coordination for them. The baby enjoys hitting the pegs or balls each time and it is easy to start over again.

Baby Hammering & Pounding Toys
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Here is list of top 10 baby hammering & pounding toys. Some of these are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower by Melissa & DougPound and Roll Tower by Melissa & Doug

Product Information:

  • It has bright colors and has smooth pieces and it allows your baby to use it easily.
  • It contains 4 balls which are to pound and these will go through the holes and your baby enjoys seeing the balls rolling down.

Product Description:
Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower by Melissa & Doug is made from sturdy wood and has 4 different bright color balls which not only provides fun for your baby; it also promotes color recognition skills in them. It is designed for babies with age 2 years and above.


2. Rainbow Xylophone Piano Bridge for Kids with Ringing Bell and DrumsRainbow Xylophone Piano Bridge for Kids

Product Information:

  • This colorful xylophone piano has eight keys with vibrant sounds and it has ring bell and two drums as well.
  • It measures 15 x 7 x 4 inches.

Product Description:
Rainbow Xylophone Piano Bridge for Kids has 8 keys and it makes vibrant music when your baby taps and slides across these. Its each key has a different color which also would develop color recognition for them.


3. Hammer Bench by WonderworldHammer Bench by Wonderworld

Product Information:

  • This hammering bench is designed to develop visual special skills in your baby.
  • It features different colors wooden pegs and this toy is suitable for baby with age eighteen months and above.

Product Description:
Hammer Bench by Wonderworld is made from rubberwood and the materials used in it are nontoxic water based paints. It does not contain sharp edges to harm your baby’s hands and is well designed.


4. Haba Figure Geo Shape Tack ZapHaba Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap

Product Information:

  • It measures 16.89 inches in length, 9.37 inches in width and 1.89 inches in height.
  • Its weight is 1.3 lbs and it is made in Germany.

Product Description:
Haba Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap is designed to develop your children’s skills. It has half inch size nails and a wooden mallet and your children can place a nail in the hole which is pre-drilled in a tile and they can use the hammer to affix it. It is designed for your kids with age 4 years and above.


5. Musical Fun Hammer Pounding Toy Game by WolVolMusical Fun Hammer Pounding Toy by WolVol

Product Information:

  • It provides hours of fun to your baby.
  • This toy also features a LCD display screen which shows the score.
  • It has beautiful lights and music as well.

Product Description:
Hammer Pounding Toy Game by WolVol is musical toy which attracts baby’s focus and keep them engaged in popping up eggs. It has different levels and the higher the level; it would be needed to hit the pop up eggs quickly. It is designed for babies and children of all ages also.


6. Plan Toy Miracle PoundingPlan Toy Miracle Pounding

Product Information:

  • This unique hammering toy provides your baby with a lot of fun. Your baby hits a ball and new ball comes up so it continuously goes on till your baby wants to play.
  • It contains pounder 5 balls and the wooden mallet as well.

Product Description:
Plan Toy Miracle Pounding encourages your baby to pound again and again as each time they hit the ball; it goes under and new ball comes up. It contains 5 colorful balls and a wooden mallet.


7. Pound n’ Play by EarlyearsPound n' Play by Earlyears

Product Information:

  • This toy has 4 funny faced balls which have colored backs and it contains a mirror which helps in self recognition for baby.
  • It is designed for baby with age twelve months and above.

Product Description:
Pound n’ Play by Earlyears is designed to entertain your baby and promotes motor skills development. It features 4 balls with funny faces and this toy contains a mirror as well. It contains a hammer which is easy to grip.


8. Brilliant Basics Pound ‘n Giggle Hammer by Fisher-PricePound 'n Giggle Hammer by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This fun toy hammer makes funny giggle sounds when your baby hits it anywhere.
  • Its handle makes clicking sounds and it enriches baby’s development while playing with it.

Product Description:
Brilliant Basics Hammer by Fisher-Price is a fun toy which makes fun sounds when baby taps it which encourages your baby to do it again and again. It may also make your baby laugh by its fun sounds.


9. First Hammer Bench by Bigjigs BabyFirst Hammer Bench by Bigjigs Baby

Product Information:

  • Its multiple color pegs encourage baby to hit down these through the holes.
  • It is designed for baby having age 12 months and above.

Product Description:
First Hammer Bench by Bigjigs Baby is designed to develop hand-eye coordination for babies. It encourages baby to hit the pegs through the holes and then start over again and again.


10. Bingo Bed by HolgateBingo Bed by Holgate

Product Information:

  • It is designed for baby with age 3 years and above.
  • Its pegs fit snuggly and it is made in USA.

Product Description:
Bingo Bed by Holgate is pounding toy for toddlers and it is made from Wood. It measures 6 inches Height x 5 inches Width and 11 inches Length.

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