Top 10 Baby Mirror Toys

To promote self recognition skills for your baby; the baby mirror toys are ideal. These are not like regular and huge mirrors but small and sized for babies with lovely graphics and characters to attract their focus at the same time.

Baby Mirror Toys

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Here is list of top 10 baby mirror toys. Some of these are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:

1. Floor Mirror (Blue) by SassyFloor Mirror 'Blue' by Sassy

Product Information:

  • It is large baby mirror with Tru-Reflection to develop your baby’s vision.
  • It features spinning ball with 2 colors and a bold red ladybug as well.

Product Description:
Floor Mirror by Sassy promotes baby’s vision, communication, exploration and manipulation skills and it has beautiful characters such as ladybug and textures. Babies would love watching themselves and would like to play with those lovely characters.

2. Sit and See Floor Mirror (Safari) by Bright StartsSit and See Floor Mirror by Bright Starts

Product Information:

  • This large baby mirror promotes self discovery for babies.
  • It has colorful fabric, crinkle leaves and beautiful characters surrounding the mirror.

Product Description:
Floor Mirror by Bright Starts is great for baby’s tummy time and it promotes self discovery for your babies. It has crinkle leaves on its side with 3D effect and this mirror folds down as well to store easily anywhere or to carry on travels.

3. Look-At-Me Mirror Teether Toy by NubyLook-At-Me Mirror Teether Toy by Nuby

Product Information:

  • This teether toy provides your baby to play multiple ways with it.
  • It contains different teething surfaces which also massage your baby’s gums also.

Product Description:
Look-At-Me Mirror Teether Toy by Nuby provides your baby with visual stimulation by its lovely colors and textures. It has soft teethers made from silicone to massage baby’s gums. It has BPA-free material.

4. Treetop Friends Friendly Forest Activity Mirror by Skip HopTreetop Friends Activity Mirror by Skip Hop

Product Information:

  • It features field of grass ribbons theme and it is designed for 0 years and above age.
  • Its tuggable crinkle leaves and its playful patterns make it more beautiful mirror.

Product Description:
Treetop Friends Activity Mirror by Skip Hop is delightful baby mirror which can be used for tummy time as well. It features adorable characters including owl with wide eyes and the sweet birdie keeps baby focused and engaged. It can stand upright and can be folded flat and you can attach this mirror anywhere by using its loops.

5. Activity Garden Safe ‘N Fun Mirror by Little TikesActivity Garden Mirror by Little Tikes

Product Information:

  • It is 2 in 1 mirror which can be used as horizontal for your crawling babies and tummy time and can be used vertical for grown baby/toddler.
  • This musical mirror is perfect for both; babies can use its buttons as piano and toddlers can dance by and play.

Product Description:
Activity Garden Mirror by Little Tikes is 2 in 1 mirror with horizontal and vertical position settings. It has music options and volume adjustment buttons. It can be used for years as; its horizontal position is ideal for your baby during tummy time they can enjoy playing music by pressing its buttons. Once your baby grows; the mirror can be adjusted to vertical position and it will become long mirror where your toddlers and grown up babies can dance and play on music. It is ideal for age grade; six months to 3 years.

6. Baby Crib Mirror Infant-StimBaby Crib Mirror Infant-Stim

Product Information:

  • Its patterns are multi colored including black, white and red.
  • Its one side has mirror and the other side has graphics with high contrast.
  • It measures 14.5 inches x 10 inches and it is designed for newborn babies and above.

Product Description:
Baby Crib Mirror Infant-Stim is designed for your baby’s self recognition skills and it is double side in which one side is mirror and back side has high contrast graphics and it measures 14.5 x 10 inches in size. Your baby would be amazed to have an addition to his/her crib.

7. Lil’ Critters Sing and See Magic Mirror by VTechLil' Critters Sing and See Magic Mirror by VTech

Product Information:

  • It features a magic sensor which activates various melodies and songs and it promotes self awareness for baby.
  • It can also be used as a crib toy and it has various features such as sliding fish and light up crab button.

Product Description:
Lil’ Critters Magic Mirror by VTech lets your baby enjoy with music and sounds to build self awareness in them. This colorful magic mirror has various buttons, lights and sounds which encourage your baby to interact with it. It is designed for 0 to 2 years of age babies and it requires two AA batteries which are included.

8. Smile, Baby! 2-in-1 Crib & Floor MirrorSmile, Baby! 2-in-1 Crib & Floor Mirror

Product Information:

  • It is large reflective baby mirror and can be attached to crib rail easily.
  • It is made from quality soft cotton cloth material.
  • It is infant safe and designed for newborn and above baby.

Product Description:
2-in-1 Crib & Floor Mirror can attach to crib rails easily or can also be used as upright on the floor and your baby can have tummy time play. Its beautiful colors and design attract your baby’s attention to stay engaged.

9. Peek-a-Boo Mirror (Lion) by Fisher-PricePeek-a-Boo Mirror 'Lion' by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This mirror has an adorable lion face theme and it has a butterfly designed link to attach it anywhere.
  • It can be linked and becomes convenient for travels and provides fun to your baby as well.

Product Description:
Peek-a-Boo Mirror by Fisher-Price is lovely looking baby mirror which can be linked anywhere and baby would enjoy it. This mirror develops sensory skills in baby.

10. Pair Of 24″ Corner Mirror by Children’s FactoryPair Of 24" Corner Mirror by Children's Factory

Product Information:

  • This two pair corner mirror is designed to build self awareness for your kids.
  • The mirror has smooth edges and it is shatter-resistant as well.

Product Description:
Pair Of 24″ Corner Mirror by Children’s Factory can be placed in any corner to build self awareness in your kids and it has smooth edges. It has simplified installation and it can hold against flat surfaces.

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