Top 10 Baby Musical Toys

There are various toys for baby while most babies are entertained by musical toys as these attract their attention and focus. The baby musical toys not only get them engaged by the beautiful music and sounds; many of these are educational as well which teach them the colors recognition, alphabets and numbers difference.

Baby Musical Toys

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Here is list of top 10 baby musical toys. Some of these toys are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Take Along Tunes by Baby EinsteinTake Along Tunes by Baby Einstein

Product Information:

  • It contains seven classical melodies which are baby friendly and it has volume control as well.
  • It is not only colorful with lovely colors; it is also easy to grasp for baby.

Product Description:
Take Along Tunes by Baby Einstein has 7 classical lovely melodies for babies and volume adjustment options. Each time you or your baby pushes the middle button the melody is changed. As soon as melody plays there are some colorful lights which start to glow on it and there is a rattle with multiple color rings on its side handle which is fun and easy to grasp also. It has battery compartment on its back which is tightened with the screw so whenever your baby fell down this toy suddenly; the batteries will not come out.


2. Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse (Blue) by Fisher-PriceSoothe and Glow Seahorse 'Blue' by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • Whenever your baby cuddles it; this toy’s belly begins to glow slowly and it plays over five minutes of music and ocean sounds as well.
  • Its volume and light turns off automatically, so when your baby is sleeping it wouldn’t disturb and it also has volume control to adjust.

Product Description:
Ocean Wonders Seahorse by Fisher-Price is designed to soothe your baby by its lovely melodies and glowing light on its belly. Not only that but there is another feature of this toy, which is its music slowly turns off and glowing light also fades away after 5 minutes, so whenever your baby is ready to sleep; he will enjoy its melodies for some minutes and music disappears slowly. It requires three AA batteries and it plays beautiful melodies and ocean sounds.


3. Mozart Magic Cube by MunchkinMozart Magic Cube by Munchkin

Product Information:

  • This cube has rounded corners and is safe for baby.
  • It provides beautiful sounds such as; piano, French horn, harp, instrument sounds and violin.

Product Description:
Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin allows your baby to not only play music but also compose by pressing various buttons and it adds new experience to their early stage. It has various lovely sounds including; harp, piano, flute, French horn, instrument sounds and violin. It is not just music but also an educational toy as well.


4. Move and Crawl Ball (Orange) by VTechMove and Crawl Ball by VTech

Product Information:

  • This motorized musical ball is designed for baby with age six months to three years.
  • It features three animal buttons with sounds.

Product Description:
Move and Crawl Ball by VTech plays music and sounds for your baby, which increases fun for them and encourage them to crawl and roll it. With its music and sounds its lights also glow and your baby likes to do it again and again. It features over 40 sing along songs, sound effects, fun phrases and music as well.


5. Piano Gym (Kick and Play) by Fisher-PricePiano Gym 'Kick and Play' by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • It is made from polyester fabric and it features 4 ways of playing.
  • Its music encourages your baby to kick again each time and it has a mirror and five activity toys.

Product Description:
Piano Gym by Fisher-Price is a lovely little piano for your little baby on which plays by kicking on the piano keys and whenever your baby is sitting; it lets them enjoy by pressing the buttons. It can also be used for tummy time by moving the arch down.


6. Rhyme and Discover Book by VTechRhyme and Discover Book by VTech

Product Information:

  • This baby book contains six pages which are colorful and there are three light-up character buttons on the tabs.
  • This educational toy is durable, easily cleanable and safe.

Product Description:
Rhyme and Discover Book by VTech is designed for your kids with age six months to three years and it is made by using BPA-free plastic. It plays nursery rhymes and each page contains different rhymes and this toy has more than 20 various songs, sounds and phrases as well. Its movable characters make funny giggle sounds and lovely phrases. Its high and low volume adjustment button allows you to adjust according to needs.


7. Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy by Fisher-PriceLaugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This toy helps your baby in learning some alphabets, numbers and parts of body as well.
  • It also sings favorite songs and games.

Product Description:
Love to Play Puppy by Fisher-Price features learning and music modes and both have different purpose for baby. The learning mode is for helping them to learn parts of body and colors while the music mode plays various general songs and some phrases as well. The parts of body are written on each body part so whenever your baby presses its foot or any part it says the body part name. It is not just fun for them but a good educational toy as well.


8. Jack-In-The-Box by SchyllingJack-In-The-Box by Schylling

Product Information:

  • This fun toy is designed for baby over 18 months.
  • Once your baby moves its handle is moved; the music plays until the Jester pops up and brings smile on baby’s face.

Product Description:
Jack-In-The-Box by Schylling is surprising and funny toy. It has a handle on its side which needs to be rotated and music continues to play until the Jester suddenly appears. It is designed and suitable for baby with 18 months age. It has bright and lovely colors and beautiful square box.


9. Musical Rainbow Tea Set by LeapFrogMusical Rainbow Tea Set by LeapFrog

Product Information:

  • This ten pieces tea set lights up in six different colors and it plays various beautiful songs.
  • It has seven tea time learning songs, more than fifty phrases and it is for ages 1 to 3 years.

Product Description:
Musical Rainbow Tea Set by LeapFrog features various tea-time music and sounds. When your kids pick the teapot to fill the cup; it will make imaginary sound of water filling and not only that, when they open the pot’s lid it makes funny sounds. This 10 piece tea-set includes 6 cake pieces with matching colors and this set encourage baby to learn and identify different colors as well.


10. Discover and Play Piano by Baby EinsteinDiscover and Play Piano by Baby Einstein

Product Information:

  • It has soft keys and easy to press by baby and it features three play modes.
  • It has over 20 classical melodies and various fun sounds also.

Product Description:
Discover and Play Piano by Baby Einstein features 3 modes of playing including numbers mode, animal sounds and piano mode. It has 3 different languages so your baby can learn numbers in different languages and will be having fun at the same time. It has soft keys which baby can press easily.


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