Top 10 Baby Rattles

The baby rattles are designed to amuse or provide fun to babies by creating lovely rattling sounds. There are various rattles made from either plastic or wood and in some are made by cloth or other material. Some rattles have teething surfaces as most babies put almost anything in their mouth and these rattles are safe for their gums.

Baby Rattle
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Here is list of top 10 baby rattles. Some of these rattles are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Oball ShakerOball Shaker

Product Information:

  • It contains two flexible and teethable Oballs and your baby can hold it easily.
  • This colorful rattle makes fun sounds and entertains your baby.

Product Description:
Oball Shaker makes fun sound when you shake it and your baby would love. It is textured rattle which allows your baby to see its colorful beads which make beautiful sounds and delight your baby the same time. It is lightweight and soft for baby gums as well.


2. Rattlin Rings (Blue – Black) by SassyRattlin Rings 'Blue - Black' by Sassy

Product Information:

  • It features four different textures and it also has high contrast black and white colors to attract baby’s focus.
  • It has small and moving beads and its large areas make it easy to grasp.

Product Description:
This rattle is an ideal toy for baby’s early development from newborn and above ages. It has lovely colors and your baby can enjoy its textures and can grasp it easily. It is lightweight and encourages your baby to play for long duration.


3. Flip Flop Frog Rattle by InfantinoFlip Flop Frog Rattle by Infantino

Product Information:

  • This rattle has movable hands and feet and four click clack rings as well.
  • Its bouncing beads make it more fascinating when your baby shakes it and it is BPA-free also.

Product Description:
Flip Flop Frog Rattle by Infantino is easy to grip and it has colorful beads which bounce and make it fun when you or your baby shakes it. Its hands and feet are movable and this rattle has lovely textures. It keeps your baby busy for hours playing with it.


4. Tomy Lamaze High-Contrast Panda RattleTomy Lamaze 'High-Contrast' Panda Rattle

Product Information:

  • This 2 sided rattle has crinkle and ribbons as well.
  • It is easy to grip by using its handle and it is made from premium materials.

Product Description:
Tomy Lamaze Panda Rattle is two sided rattle and it has bright and bold colors on its one side while high contrast patterns on the other side. It has lovely eyes to get your baby’s attention and it is soft for them.


5. Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle by Bright StartsRattle and Shake Barbell Rattle by Bright Starts

Product Information:

  • It is a clear rattle and it has colorful beads.
  • It features textured handle for an easy grasp by baby.

Product Description:
Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle by Bright Starts contains colorful beads and it has textured handle which your baby can hold easily. The mirrors and beads make good reflection of light and make it more fun rattle. It is lightweight and colorful and gets your baby’s attention easily.


6. Gund Niffer Giraffe Baby Rattle Stuffed AnimalGund Niffer Giraffe Baby Rattle

Product Information:

  • It makes rattle sounds whenever your baby shakes it and this gender neutral is perfect for your baby whether baby boy or baby girl.
  • It can be washed by using machine and great for newborn babies and above.

Product Description:
Gund Niffer Rattle Stuffed Animal is 5 inches in size and it makes internal rattle sounds when you or your baby shakes it. It has embroidered eyes, it is soft and it is machine washable as well.


7. Rattle (Buddy Dog) by TaggiesRattle 'Buddy Dog' by Taggies

Product Information:

  • It is 6 inches tall and it is made from an ultra-soft microfiber fabric.
  • It features patented looped ribbon tags which your baby would love.

Product Description:
Rattle by Taggies has a lovely and cheerful face which is embroidered. It has polka dot tummy and pull tags. It has a perfect size for your baby’s little hands to hold and shake and it is made from microfiber fabric.


8. Manhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity ToyManhattan Toy Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether

Product Information:

  • It is classic multisensory rattle which encourage your baby to grasp and develops gross motor skills in them.
  • It is made from wood and elastic ties so it flattens and returns to its original shape as well.

Product Description:
Skwish Natural Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy is multi sensory rattle which gives new experience to your baby while playing with it. They can pull it or squeeze it and it comes to its original shape which surprises your baby.


9. Learning Curve Baby’s First Rattle by The First YearsBaby's First Rattle by The First Years

Product Information:

  • This rattle is ideal for newborn babies and it contains soft teething surfaces as well.
  • The easy-grip fingers allow and encourage your baby to grasp easily and it features high contrast patterns on it.

Product Description:
Learning Curve Baby’s First Rattle by The First Years is great for newborn babies and it is easy to grasp. It is very soft and would not hurt your baby when they play with it. It has soft teething surfaces and this rattle is multi textured also.


10. Caterpillar Twist and RattleCaterpillar Twist and Rattle

Product Information:

  • This lovely caterpillar rattle has six segments and it contains colorful beads, the moving ball slider, cute tail, a mirror, the soft grip rings accompanied by its smiley face.
  • It is designed for baby with six months and above age.

Product Description:
Caterpillar Twist and Rattle is a lovely rattle toy for baby which has various features including mirror, rings, its cute tail, beads with different colors, the smiley face and the moving ball slider as well. Its segments can be turned and make clicking sound and babies would enjoy this colorful rattle.

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