Top 10 Baby Teethers

Babies usually take various things to put in their mouth in their early stage. Sometimes they not only want to chew hard plastic toys; they also end up hurting their own fingers by putting in their mouth. The baby teethers are made of soft rubber or other material which soothe them and keep them away from hurting their soft gums and hands.

Baby Teethers

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Here is list of top 10 baby teethers. Some of these teethers are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Silicone Baby Teether (Orange) by ComotomoSilicone Baby Teether 'Orange' by Comotomo

Product Information:

  • It is non-choking design and easily cleanable.
  • This teether is made from medical grade silicone and it is soft and hygienic.

Product Description:
Silicone Baby Teether by Comotomo is designed to be grabbed by your baby easily and it is their finger size design. The baby will love its ergonomic design and its small prongs would feel like biting little fingers so your baby gets a good alternative instead of hurting their own fingers.


2. Wacky Teething Ring by NubyWacky Teething Ring by Nuby

Product Information:

  • This teething ring has multiple surfaces for teething such as; skin soft silicone for their front teeth, for their middle teething needs it has larger surfaces and for back teeth it has firm surfaces as well.
  • Your baby can hold it easily and it features soft and colorful fabric.

Product Description:
Wacky Teething Ring by Nuby has variety of surfaces which fulfills your baby’s teething needs by different ways. Its design provides maximum effectiveness and it is easy to hold as well. You can also use this as lovely gift for your loved ones.


3. Star Teething Blanket by The First YearsStar Teething Blanket by The First Years

Product Information:

  • This teething blanket has multiple teething surfaces and chewable soft textures.
  • It is light weight and your baby can grasp it easily in small hands.

Product Description:
Star Teething Blanket by The First Years comes in lovely and colorful star design with multiple surfaces for teething. It uses soft terry cloth and crinkly satin. It is lightweight and features soft textures and your baby can grip it easily and it has an attached loop for convenience while on travels.


4. Baby Bunny Teether (Green) by ZoLiBaby Bunny Teether 'Green' by ZoLi

Product Information:

  • It has dual tips which are soft textured to soothe your baby’s delicate gums.
  • Its oval handle makes it easy to grip by babies.

Product Description:
Baby Bunny Teether by ZoLi has an oval handle so your baby can grasp easily. Its soft textured tips are designed to soothe your baby’s gums. It has 7 inches overall height.


5. Baby Teether (4 Colors) by BabynowBaby Teether '4 Colors' by Babynow

Product Information:

  • It is set of four bracelet shaped teethers which are made from medical grade silicone.
  • These are non-toxic, BPA-free and Phthalate-free also.

Product Description:
Baby Teether by Babynow is pack of 4 teethers and these are made from food grade silicone and these soothe your baby gums and prevent from aches in teeth and gums. Its bracelet design allows you to wear these to keep it handy whenever needed for baby.


6. Teething Book by Sesame StreetTeething Book by Sesame Street

Product Information:

  • This Teething Book contains bright colors and it has multi textured surfaces and crinkly paper.
  • Its bonus ring makes it easy to attach anywhere and it is BPA-free as well.

Product Description:
Teething Book by Sesame Street promotes visual development and it has bright colors and textured teething corners also. Your baby can watch the colorful cartoons and chew it anytime when they want.


7. My First Teether Keys by Fisher-PriceMy First Teether Keys by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • It has different teethable surfaces and it soothes your baby’s sore gums.
  • These 3 colorful keys are comes with a linkable key ring as well.

Product Description:
My First Teether Keys by Fisher-Price are three keys linked to key ring containing different teething surfaces. These colorful keys soothe your baby’s gums and your baby can also play with these.


8. Baby Teether Teething Toys (Gift Set of 3)Baby Teether Teething Toys

Product Information:

  • These are non-toxic teething toys and you can give as gift to any baby.
  • The material used in these is 100 percent food grade silicone.
  • These are freezer safe and you can place into diaper bags in the car or wherever you want.

Product Description:
Baby Teether Teething Toys are adorable and colorful teething toys and your baby would enjoy these. These are easy to clean these are BPA-free, Latex-free, PVC-free, Lead-free and phthalate-free as well. These are hypoallergenic and can be washed or boiled to sanitize. These can easily fit in your baby’s little hands.


9. Natural Teether by CalmiesNatural Teether by Calmies

Product Information:

  • This teether is made from 100 percent natural rubber and it does not contain BPA, Parabens, Phthalates or PVC.
  • Your infants can grasp it easily.

Product Description:
Natural Teether by Calmies is a sustainable teether and soothes your baby’s teeth and gums. It is easy to clean by washing and it is easy to grasp. Its rounded design makes it look like a ball so your baby can also play with it when not using.


10. Organic Teething Pads with Snaps (Natural) by ERGObabyOrganic Teething Pads with Snaps 'Natural' by ERGObaby

Product Information:

  • These teething pads are made from 100 percent cotton.
  • These are safe for your baby’s gums and these are easy to wash.

Product Description:
Organic Teething Pads by ERGObaby are 100 percent cotton made and the snaps attach these around the shoulder. These can be attached easily with ERGObaby carrier. These are machine washable and can be dried on low heat.


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