Top 10 Balls for Babies and Toddlers

As your baby loves to play with various toys; the balls for baby have always been popular and especially when ball is soft and lovely for their little hands. There are various balls for babies and toddlers with many features such as; music and sounds which let your baby to enjoy and encourage your baby to crawl while playing.

Balls for Babies
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Here is list of top 10 balls for babies and toddlers. Some of these balls are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:

1. Bendy Ball by Baby EinsteinBendy Ball by Baby Einstein

Product Information:

  • It is made from soft and flexible plastic and it has bright colors.
  • This is an entertaining ball for your baby and they can bend and squeeze it by their little fingers.

Product Description:
Bendy Ball by Baby Einstein has primary bright colors and it has the Caterpillar character on the band. It is soft and flexible which makes it durable ball. This ball has a small chime ball inside it which makes sounds which your baby would love.

2. Sunny Patch Finney Fish Ball by Melissa & DougFinney Fish Ball Melissa & Doug

Product Information:

  • It is a classic rubber ball with blue background and it has colorful fish characters with green and orange color.
  • It can be great ball whenever you go at beaches.

Product Description:
Sunny Patch Finney Fish Ball by ‘Melissa & Doug’ is designed for your baby’s little hands. It is made from durable plastic and it is 8.5 inches. Your baby can play with it in the parks, beaches, backyard or anywhere.

3. See-Me Sensory Balls (Translucent) by EdushapeSee-Me Sensory Balls 'Translucent' by Edushape

Product Information:

  • These are durable and long lasting balls.
  • These balls have thick skin and you can see through these.

Product Description:
See-Me Sensory Balls by Edushape are classic balls yet still being manufactured. These are 4 inches in size see through sensory balls. These balls encourage your kids to play with these and textured design on these make these easy to grip.

4. Shakira First Steps Collection Move ‘n Groove Soccer Ball by Fisher-PriceShakira 'First Steps Collection' Soccer Ball by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This ball is made from soft fabric and its texture helps baby to grasp it.
  • It responds with various fun music and silly sounds. It features two musical modes and 11 tunes as well.

Product Description:
Shakira First Steps Collection Ball by Fisher-Price promotes motor skill building and it features silly sounds and music. This playful and entertaining ball is an ideal toy in the early years of baby’s development.

5. Developmental Bumpy Ball by SassyDevelopmental Bumpy Ball by Sassy

Product Information:

  • This ball has bright colors with bold patterns which promote developing sense of vision for your baby.
  • Your baby can grasp this ball easily by its bumps.

Product Description:
Developmental Bumpy Ball by Sassy is a beautiful ball with bumps to make it easy to grasp and it has different color beads which make rattle noise when your baby plays with it. This ball is soft yet durable also.

6. Magica Clutching Toy (Special Edition) by HabaMagica Clutching Toy 'Special Edition' by Haba

Product Information:

  • These balls are designed for babies with age six months and above.
  • Your baby can enjoy these balls anywhere.

Product Description:
Magica Clutching Toy by Haba is made of water based colors and it contains layers of non toxic lacquers. These are eight balls with bright colors on a band for your baby’s small hands and they can grasp easily.

7. Clack and Slide Activity Ball by Bright StartsClack and Slide Activity Ball by Bright Starts

Product Information:

  • This ball features a spinning frog character and it has caterpillar bead chaser as well.
  • Its spinning paddle has mirror also.

Product Description:
Clack and Slide Activity Ball by Bright Starts has multiple ways to play with for your baby. The spinning frog character, a spinning paddle which has mirror and roller ball which has rattle beads with different colors. It has textured handles so your baby can grasp it easily. It is designed to promote sensory skills in babies.

8. Ribbon Tag Ball (Black, White & Red)Ribbon Tag Ball 'Black, White & Red'

Product Information:

  • It has ribbons and images which stimulate baby’s senses and it has high contrast colors including black, white and red.
  • Your baby can easily grab it, roll it and play with it.

Product Description:
Ribbon Tag Ball features high contrast colors and ribbons. It also has gentle sound of jingle bell and your baby can grab easily with their small fingers.

9. Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Musical Ball by Fisher-PriceCrawl-Along Musical Ball by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This ball features an adorable monkey which is balancing on the top of this bright and lovely ball.
  • Every time your baby bats at the monkey; the ball starts to roll until the monkey bobbles and finally balances on the top each time.

Product Description:
Go Baby Go! Musical Ball by Fisher-Price has three silly sound and two fun tunes to entertain your baby and encourages your baby to play again. Each time your baby hits the ball; it rolls and monkey bobbles around and your baby enjoys crawling to play with it.

10. Oball – Football (Red – White)Oball Football 'Red - White'

Product Information:

  • It is made from soft and smooth plastic and it is BPA-free, PVC-free, Latex-free and Phthalates-free.
  • It has multiple holes so that your infant can grasp it easily.

Product Description:
Oball Football has so many holes so your baby can grasp easily in their little hands. It is soft and captivating ball with flexible design.

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