Top 10 Color Recognition Toys

There are many kinds of baby toys and the color recognition toys fill their life with colors and some of these are educational which help baby to learn about colors and shapes differentiation.

Color Recognition Toys

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Here is list of top 10 color recognition toys. Some of these are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. First Bead Maze by Melissa & DougFirst Bead Maze by Melissa & Doug

Product Information:

  • It features smooth sanded pieces which are brightly colored as well.
  • It promotes color and size differentiation skills in baby’s early age of development.

Product Description:
First Bead Maze by Melissa & Doug contains multiple bright colored pieces for baby’s early development skills for color and shape differentiation. This maze has suction cup base which makes it to stay in place. Your baby would love moving these colorful beads from one place to another.


2. Activity Garden Baby Playset by Little TikesActivity Garden by Little Tikes

Product Information:

  • It is multi functional play center for your kids and it provides new experience to infants during their early development.
  • This play center can transform easily without using additional tools to 2 sided open play center.

Product Description:
Activity Garden Baby Playset by Little Tikes promotes fine motor skills for your baby and it has multiple functions including; crawl-through, shape sorting, open/close door and Tap-a-Tune piano as well. It also has a take-along panel which features the tumbler, spinning gears, clicking bugs, spinner the mirror and a large button to play songs whenever it is pressed. It has shape sorter mailbox and crawl through archway as well. It is designed for baby with age six months to thirty-six months and it can be assembled easily.


3. Playskool Busy Poppin’ PalsPlayskool Poppin' Pals

Product Information:

  • It features a lever, key, beeper and switches which are easy to activate by your baby’s little hands.
  • It promotes fine motor skills development and it has animal characters which pop up by the corresponding action by baby.

Product Description:
Playskool Busy Poppin’ Pals is a lovely activity toy for baby which is provides them fun and develops fine motor skills. It features colorful animals which pop up when your baby interacts and presses the buttons. It is a good toy for baby to learn and identify colors and shapes and its handle makes it easy to carry for travels.


4. Toddler Tote by LauriToddler Tote by Lauri

Product Information:

  • It is colorful toy which contains pegs and puzzle shapes to promote color recognition for your children.
  • It can help them learn to count and identify shapes and play for long time.

Product Description:
Toddler Tote by Lauri can be used at home or good for travels and it keeps your kids engaged and develops their skills while they play. It has colorful pegs which also promote fine motor skills for them and color recognition as well. It comes with a carrying case which is convenient to carry and store.


5. Teach My Toddler Learning KitTeach My Toddler Learning Kit

Product Information:

  • It contains 68 pieces which help your toddler in learning alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes as well.
  • It also contains four board books, seven puzzles, 55 flashcards, four posters and it teaches your baby step by step.

Product Description:
Teach My Toddler Learning Kit contains essential learning resources for your kids with age 18 months and above. It measures overall 14” top to bottom, width 12” side to side, and depth 5” front to back and its overall weight is five pounds. It promotes educational, numerical, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills for your baby.


6. Soft Books (Jungly Tails) by JellycatSoft Books 'Jungly Tails' by Jellycat

Product Information:

  • It is made by using polyester.
  • It is suitable for newborn and above baby.

Product Description:
Soft Books by Jellycat is a soft and squishy book for baby, which features colors, textures and movement. It has many fluffy animal tails to surprise your baby and discover and interact with it many ways. You can teach your baby by describing animal name with relevant tails on its pages.


7. Cloth Book (Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot) by LamazeCloth Book 'Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot' by Lamaze

Product Information:

  • This book features crinkly pages and soft textures.
  • It has Peek-a-boo ribbons and various stimulating bright colors as well.

Product Description:
Cloth Book by Lamaze is a soft book which has bright colors and crinkly pages. It has soft textures and lovely peek-a-boo ribbons as well. It takes baby’s attention for several minutes each time.


8. Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy by Melissa & DougWiggling Worm Toy by Melissa & Doug

Product Information:

  • This worm has 9 wooden segments connected to each other and your baby can twist and turn these which change its position.
  • It is for baby six months and above.

Product Description:
Wiggling Worm by Melissa & Doug can be twisted and turned easily by using its wooden segments. It features bright green shades and it is easy to grasp. It is brightly painted by using non-toxic paint and it promotes motor skills for baby.


9. Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen ToyGet Cookin' Kitchen Toy

Product Information:

  • This toy has more than 50 melodies, phrases and sounds and ten activities as well.
  • It contains pot, burner and a fun blender.

Product Description:
Bright Starts Get Cookin’ Kitchen Toy is a fun toy for your baby’s early development and features over 50 melodies, sound & phrases. Whenever your baby interacts with it and presses different buttons or rotate faucet handle; it plays phrases and music on corresponding actions. It has some pots including burner and a fun blender which spins the ball to delight your baby. There is a fridge on the back of this kitchen which can be rotated and moved to the kitchen’s side. It is small toy yet entertaining for your kids, you can take this on travels as well.


10. The World of Eric Carle Apple Playset by Kids PreferredApple Playset by Kids Preferred

Product Information:

  • It contains 5 fruit play pieces which feature squeak, crinkle and has jingle sound to entertain your baby.
  • It has Velcro top closure and the clear front panel also.

Product Description:
Apple Playset by Kids Preferred contains 5 fruit shaped toys which crinkle, jingle and squeak. It features Velcro closure on the top and its front panel is clear to see inside. Your kids can play with it and put it back inside.


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