Top 10 Diaper Changing Tables and Stations

It could be quite difficult to change baby’s diaper many times a day when you have many things to do. Diaper changing tables help in doing that easily while giving storage for all baby’s essential items. Once you have a changing table, you might still need some table covers and pads.

Diaper Changing Tables and Stations
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We have reviewed some of the top rated diaper changing tables for you. Some of these are best selling too. Hopefully we help you out with your search. Please keep reading:


1. Lauren Dressing Table by Graco

Product Information:

  • The Lauren Dressing Table is certified with safety standards by ASTM, CPSC and ASTM.
  • Its changing area is equipped well with a built-in safety strap to provide additional security.
  • It also includes 4 sturdy rollers for ease.
  • It also comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Product Description:
Lauren Dressing Table by Graco is an essential changing table to provide a good place to change baby’s dress, and it also has 2 shelves to store baby’s supplies and other things. It has sturdy rollers to mobilize easily and comes with 1 year limited warranty as well.


2. Savannah Collection Changing Table by South Shore Furniture

Product Information:

  • This product has 30 pounds weight.
  • It is also manufactured on safety and health standards with ASTM F2057.
  • Its glides are made from polymer.
  • Two people are needed to assemble it completely. It is made in Canada and has five years of limited warranty.

Product Description:
Savannah Collection Changing Table by South Shore Furniture has a pure white finishing. Its corners are rounded for your child’s safety from any bumps. It has 3 compartments and 2 drawers providing enough storage. The drawer’s interior dimensions are as: Wide by 30 and half inches, front to back with size 14 and ¼ inches. This table is 35 inches wide and depth is 20 inches and it is 37 inches high. It has a complete 5 years limited warranty.


3. KB200-00 Horizontal Baby Changing Station (Cream Color) by Bobrick

Product Information:

  • This one can be mounted horizontally to the walls such as you can see several kinds of diaper changing pads, which are attached with a wall, where you do not need to place a whole changing table.
  • It has a concave surface and it can support the up to 200 lbs of load.
  • It also has several built-in hooks so you can hang your purse or baby’s diaper bags.
  • It measures 22 inches high x 35 inches wide x 22 and ½ inches deep, and it is only 4 inches deep when you close it.
  • It also meets safety standards such as EN, ANSI, ASTM and ADA.

Product Description:
KB200-00 Horizontal Baby Changing Station “Cream Color” by Bobrick is designed to mount horizontally easily by any wall and it is strong enough to carry 200 lbs of load. Its changing surface is concave and it has straps for your baby’s safety. It has some built in hooks to hang your purse or diaper bags easily. You may need tools to assemble this, the tools are sold separately.


4. Modern Changing Table ‘with 3 Baskets’ and Hamper (White Color) by Badger Basket

Product Information:

  • This diaper changing table has a hamper and 3 storage bins.
  • There is engineered wood used in it.
  • The table can be cleaned by wipe, while hamper and basket is spot cleanable.

Product Description:
Modern Changing Table ‘with 3 Baskets’ and Hamper White Color by Badger Basket has a large hamper to store multiple packs of diapers and extra baby things, you can also remove the hamper easily from the table whenever you want to manage the items. It also contains 3 pull out baskets to easily. The basket and hamper is foldable for convenient storage.

The hamper has the width of 13.5 inches, 14 inches deepness and 21.75 inches high.
The basket is 12.75 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 7 inches high.
The overall measurement of this unit is 34.25 inches wide, 20.75 inches deep and 34.5 inches high.

This table meets all health and safety standards. The above given measurements are approximate measurements.


5. Hudson Changer Dresser by Babyletto

Product Information:

  • Its changing tray is removable.
  • For changing supplies and items, its changing tray has 2 small compartments.
  • It is made from pine wood of New Zealand.

Product Description:
Hudson Changer Dresser by Babyletto presents a combination of changing table, 3 drawer dressers and a cabinet to store items. It is a convenient and compact to save space around room. It also has an anti-tip kit for additional security of your baby. It has stop mechanisms to keep it in a place and stops it from moving. Its storage cabinet closes easily and it contains an adjustable shelf as well.


6. Aspen Combo Dresser by Stork Craft

Product Information:

  • This combo table is made from solid wood.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It has gliding steel drawer which has safety stop system.
  • It is made with non-toxic finishing.

Product Description:
Aspen Combo Dresser by Stork Craft is a beautifully designed dresser and it has deep drawers which are 3 in number. It also has a side cabinet to store your baby’s useful items. It has well rounded wooden pulls. It is made stunning with non toxic finishing.

Its length is 50”.
It is 17.5” wide.
It is 40.5” high.


7. Jenny Lind Changing Table by DaVinci

Product Information:

  • It has a waterproof changing pad with 1” size, which is included with this table.
  • It is also made from pine wood from New Zealand.
  • There is an anti-tip kit also included.
  • This table also has non-toxic finishing.
  • It is safe from phthalate and lead.

Product Description:
Jenny Lind Changing Table by DaVinci has a classical look. It has completely open shelves to place diapers and lotions with an arm’s reach. The changing pad & safety straps are also included with this table.


8. Kimberly ‘3 in 1’ Crib and Changer with Toddler Rail (Espresso) by Athena

Product Information:

  • This is an awesome combo, such as you need a changing table, while here it is a baby crib which can be converted into toddler bed, and at the same time it also has diaper changer.
  • It is made from a sustainable and good quality pine wood.
  • It has four levels adjustment system so that when your baby grows you can change it to different sizes.
  • It is certified by JPMA and meets the US federal safety regulations as well.
  • The Athena Changing Pad dimensions are 275 x 155 inches.

Product Description:
Kimberly 3 in 1 Crib and Changer with Toddler Rail “Espresso” by Athena is the best combo changing set which can be converted from crib to toddler’s bed or day bed. It also has 3 drawers. It is made from non-toxic finish and it also has an optional changing pad which is sold separately.


9. Horizontal Baby Changing Station FG781888 (Light Platinum) by Rubbermaid Commercial

Product Information:

  • This diaper changing station has a concave changing surface and it is mounted horizontally, and to secure your baby, it has safety straps too.
  • To hang your purse or your baby’s diaper bag, it has built in hooks.
  • Its HDPE body has the better chemical resistance as compared to LDPE.

Product Description:
Horizontal Baby Changing Station FG781888 Light Platinum by Rubbermaid Commercial is a horizontally mounted changing station and it also has safety straps for your child’s additional security. It has high density polypropylene body which has better chemical resistance. The built-in hooks are ideal for diaper bags or your purse.

The diaper changing station’s measurement is 4 inches high, 33 ¼ length and 21 ½ inches wide. It meets safety standards such as ADA, ASTM, EN and FDA.

It needs to be assembled and tools are sold separately, while instructions are included with this changing station.


10. Horizontal Baby Changing Station (8252-H White) by Continental Commercial

Product Information:

  • This diaper changing station can support up to 250 lbs of weight. It has concave shelf and safety straps are built-in. It is a horizontal mounted changing station.
  • Its dual liner dispensers are capable to hold around 50 liners for additional protection.
  • It is compliant with safety standards such as ASTM and ANSI.

Product Description:
Horizontal Baby Changing Station 8252-H White by Continental Commercial is designed to support up to 250 lb weight. It has molded-in dual liner dispensers.

It is 4 inches high.
It is 34 ¼ inches wide.
It is 18 inches deep.

This diaper changing station is designed to be used normally in the commercial areas.

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