Top 10 Non-Slip Baby Bath Mats

The small baby bath tubs are great for your babies when they are too young. But once they begin growing older, it is time to bath them in a large or regular tub, and for this reason, you would need to find some baby bath mats to keep them safe. Not just that but there are many baby bath mats made of child-safe materials and fun shapes of their favorite characters, which make their bath time fun.

Is it Necessary to Use a Bath Mat for Baby?

In many cases, your baby may want to stand up while taking a bath. Because, once the baby starts growing, they want to move much more than usual. Walking all around can be their favorite thing to do. While, if your baby can stand up, there is a chance he/she can slip because of a plain tub texture along with bath water and some shampoo poured on the surface. Over the time, mildew grows on the bottom of tub surface, which can make the tub incredibly slipping tub for your baby. For this reason, a bath mat can be helpful to protect your baby at bath time.

What Material is Suitable?

So, the question arises, what material should be better for a bath mat? There would be plastic or rubber mats, but these should be durable and should include suction cups to stay in place. So, the best quality comes first to keep your baby safe, and it should be a non-slip baby bath mat.

Baby Bath Mats
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Here is list of top 10 non-slip baby bath mats. Some of these are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:

1. Tiny Bath Mats (5 Mats Pack) by Green SproutsAnti-Slip Bath Mat by Epica

Product Information:

  • It is made by using a strong rubber material it is designed to last long.
  • This bath mat’s natural rubber gives extra comfort.

Product Description:
Anti-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat by Epica is made by strong rubber and it provides you with additional comfort. It is machine washable as well.

2. Bath Mat Froggie Collection “Green” (6-48 Months) by Mommy’s HelperBath Mat Froggie Collection Green by Mommy’s Helper

Product Information:

  • It is a low cost froggie designed bath mat.
  • Non slip and safe for your babies during bath time.
  • This bath mat sticks anywhere softly to any kind of your babies bath tubs.
  • It is made by a very soft rubber for your baby’s sensitive bottom.

Product Description:
Bath Mat Froggie Collection by Mommy’s Helper is a very soft bath mat and can stick easily on any size of bath tubs, its soft rubber is very comfortable for your baby’s sensitive bottom, and your baby would love its design.

3. RIPPLE Bathtub Mat (Blue Color) by BoonRIPPLE Bathtub Mat

Product Information:

  • It has soft texture to prevent from slipping.
  • This bath mat has suction cups to keep it in place.

Product Description:
RIPPLE Bathtub Mat by Boon not only has suction cups to keep it stay in place but also drain holes to reduce mold. It features an integrated hook and it can be hanged to make it dry.

4. Clevabath Mat and Kneeler by ClevamamaClevabath Mat and Kneeler by Clevamama

Product Information:

  • This bath mat is extra long and non slip mat.
  • It is a great bath mat for your babies and specially for toddlers.
  • It is light weight and dries quickly.

Product Description:
Clevabath Mat and Kneeler by Clevamama is a vibrant bath mat, it is suitable for your toddlers, babies and kids as well. It protects your babies from slipping. It can also be used to put your knees on it, so it is suitable for parents too.

5. Moby Bath Kneeler (Blue) by Skip HopMoby Bath Kneeler Blue by Skip Hop

Product Information:

  • It is large bath pad and very comfortable for parents too.
  • You can also hang it to dry easily.
  • It is BPA and Phthalate free also.

Product Description:
Moby Bath Kneeler (Blue) by Skip Hop is a friendly designed bath mat, it will be loved by your baby. It is non-slip and can be used by parents to put their knees on it and enjoyed by your baby too.

6. Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat by Tike SmartNon-Slip Bathtub Mat by Tike Smart

Product Information:

  • It is an extra long bath mat which is slip resistant.
  • This bathtub mat is anti-bacterial and machine washable also.

Product Description:
Extra-Long Non-Slip Bathtub Mat by Tike Smart is made by using high quality BPA-free and phthalate-free material. It is comfortable and safe it has 200 suction cups to keep it in place.

7. Small Rubber Safety Mat by Slip-X SolutionsSmall Rubber Safety Mat by Slip X Solutions

Product Information:

  • Very soft and reliable non-slip bath mat.
  • This one contains non-latex rubber.
  • It contains massaging nodules, for your feet’s comfort.

Product Description:
Small Rubber Safety Mat by Slip-X Solutions, provides very soft and reliable bath mats which are also comfortable for your baby’s feet, it is a good non-slip bath mat.

8. Bubble Bath Mat by Slip-X SolutionsBubble Bath Mat by Slip X Solutions

Product Information:

  • It is a comfortable and well cushioned non-slip bath mat.
  • Created by a soft and anti-allergic vinyl.
  • You can machine wash it for so many years, and it will be great to use.

Product Description:
Bubble Bath Mat by Slip-X Solutions has created a great and attractive bubble bath mat which is a reliable gift for your feet and souls, can be machine washed as many times as needed.

9. Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler by AquatopiaDeluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler by Aquatopia

Product Information:

  • It is made by using EVA Foam, Cotton and Polyester.
  • It can fit any kind of standard tubs and stay safe in place.

Product Description:
Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler by Aquatopia is made from water friendly materials and it can be folded easily to store when not in use. It is non slip and it is comfortable for your knees and elbows.

10. Adhesive Vinyl Anti Slip Non Skid Safety Bath Mat (White – 16” x 34”) by Safe Way TractionAdhesive Vinyl Anti Slip Non Skid Safety Bath Mat White by Safe Way Traction

Product Information:

  • It is very well textured and fits at wet or dry bath tubs or floors.
  • It is a unique kind of bath mat, you have to peel and stick to any oil free surfaces, specially to clean or dry areas.

Product Description:
Adhesive Vinyl Anti Slip Non Skid Safety Bath by Safe Way Traction, is an easy to install bath mat, you just need to peel and stick to any dry and clean surface. It is a non-slip bath mat, It hasn’t any suction cups and this mat can also be used at gyms for exercising equipments.

Bath tub Mat Types:

There aren’t too many types of baby bath mats, yet some of these include a built-in seat which helps baby sit comfortably, and they feel like they are sitting on a chair as it has back protection and a handle which they can hold. That still is not too safe to keep your baby alone in a bath tub and you still need to be there all the time when bathing them. If you are planning to find a bath tub mat with the textured surface, you still have to make sure if it is comfortable for your baby to sit or stand on.

Difference Between Bath tub Mat and Bath Rug:

Bath tub mat as the name suggests it is used in a bath tub to prevent slipping texture for babies and makes it comfortable to bath in the tub. Whereas, Bath rugs are used outside of the tub, where adults or kids can soak their feet after their bath or shower time.

Cleaning a Bath Mat:

It isn’t always simple to clean a baby bath mat after prolonged use. There are several things which grow on its surface such as mildew. Some parents say it can be done by using bleach or dishwasher if it is a rubber bath mat. Mostly a washing machine can clean it too.


  • Children like to move around in the bath tub. For this reason, it is essential to find a bath tub mat with suction cups, or somehow it should stick to the bath tub and stays in place.
  • Parents may find it uncomfortable sitting on their knees while bathing their baby. There are different bath kneelers available which they can use to remain comfortable.
  • If your child does not remain calm, you can find some good bath toys which have integrated thermometer. These do not only give you accurate details about water temperature but also make your kid’s bath time fun.
  • If your bath tub has textured surface or if you don’t want to place a bath tub mat as it may take away the design, you can still find transparent bath tub mats as these don’t take away the tub’s texture or design on the surface.

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