Top 10 Pull-Along Wagons for Kids

A pull-along wagon is another form of ride-on toy for your kids where they can spend some extra fun time. Many of these wagons have slots to hold their beverages and snacks cups. The pull-along wagons for kids can also be used for your own purposes, such as; to carry your items at anytime. Some of these can be folded and stored in a car trunk and you can take it to a beach or picnic taking your essentials while having fun with your family.

Pull-Along Wagons for Kids

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Here is list of top 10 pull-along wagons for kids. Some of these are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Classic Red Wagon by Radio Flyer

Product Information:

  • It is made of all-steel seamless body which has no scratch edges.
  • It has an extra long handle which folds under so it can be stored easily.

Classic Red Wagon by Radio Flyer

Product Description:
This wagon features seamless all steel body which has no-scratch edges and it contains 10″ wheels made of steel with real rubber tires. It is designed to last for years to come. Its extra long handle folds under to store it conveniently.


2. The Ultimate Comfort Wagon by Radio Flyer

Product Information:

  • It has padded seats along with storage pockets and expandable back storage.
  • It also features extra large quiet ride tires to provide your kids with smooth ride.
  • Its UV protection canopy can be taken out within seconds using its quick clip attachment.
  • It is designed for kids with age one and half years and above.

The Ultimate Comfort Wagon by Radio Flyer

Product Description:
This wagon unites the best in comfort and flexibility by offering multiple riding options to suit your family’s changing requirements. The Ultimate Comfort Wagon features five seating and storage options including: seating for 2, the flatbed, covered storage and ride, XL storage and ride and as well as activity surface.


3. EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon

Product Information:

  • It is the most portable design out there which can be folded to 1/8th of its initial size to be stored easily.
  • This wagon includes strong tires and wheels which are perfect for street, sand or dirt.
  • It comes completely assembled and it also includes a fabric cover whenever it is not in use.

EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon

Product Description:
This wagon comes with a most portable design which folds to the 1/8th of its actual size. Its largest wheel base makes it safe and also prevents it from tipping. The shade cover protects your things, and the cover is removable whenever it is not in use.


4. Berlin F257 Amish-Made Pee-Wee Flyer Wagon

Product Information:

  • It features painted hardwood rails with simple removal for in and out accessibility.
  • The paint is non-toxic, it is easy to assemble.

Berlin F257 Flyer Wagon

Product Description:
This wagon features no-tip steering along with various wheel types determined by the model. It is the smaller version of the wagon and its no-tip steering makes it great for smaller kids.


5. Little Tikes Lil’ Wagon

Product Information:

  • This wagon is made for both indoor as well as outdoor play.
  • The handle folds flat to store easily.
  • It is easy to assemble and it doesn’t require any batteries.

Little Tikes Lil' Wagon

Product Description:
This wagon has durable plastic construction as well as its flat folding design making it effortless to take it anywhere. Its rugged wheels make it safe to use indoors and it is tough enough to be used outdoors.


6. All Around Canopy Wagon by Step2

Product Information:

  • It has six cup/snack holders.
  • The wagon has easy pull handles which fold under making it easy to store or transport.

All Around Canopy Wagon by Step2

Product Description:
The Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon – Blue is a multi-function wagon which your kids would love riding in. It has enough storage to hold toys, snacks as well as parents’ keys during your family takes a stroll around the area, and during sunny days it will also shade your kids.


7. Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

Product Information:

  • It has an attached cooler which can be filled up with ice, keeping beverages cold.
  • The wagon is convertible to a bench, so parents and children can enjoy.
  • The removable sides allow you to cart any supplies around which are required for yard project at any time.

Little Tikes Wagon with Umbrella

Product Description:
This sturdy wagon seats 2 kids comfortably with its integrated seatbelts as well as cup holders ready for most of the refreshments a long trip requires. Its flip-up seat-rests make the trip much more cozy, so when you have arrived its backrests convert the wagon into a bench.


8. Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

Product Information:

  • Its plastic construction is long-lasting and maintenance-free.
  • It has long fold-under handle which makes it transport and store easily.

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

Product Description:
This 2 Seater Neighborhood Wagon offers a comfortable journey. It has two contoured seats as well as a deep foot well inside. Its durable and smooth rolling tires offer a quiet trip and an optimum longevity. To store cans, juice boxes or cups, it has two molded in cup holders.


9. The Wagon Store-Folding Purple Sport Wagon

Product Information:

  • This wagon’s 3 inch wide Poly-Foam tires make it usable on just about any terrain.
  • It can be folded down easily to fit inside any standard car trunk and it weighs only 27 pounds.
  • It is great to take to any park, beach or different occasions.

The Wagon Store-Folding Wagon

Product Description:
This exceptional folding wagon stores in its own carry bag and becomes less than one-tenth of its size. It can be folded in three simple steps and can be stored into car’s trunk.


10. John Deere Steel Stake Wagon

Product Information:

  • It has secure steer steering design for easy maneuverability.
  • It features high stake sections which can be fastened securely to the wagon.

John Deere Steel Stake Wagon

Product Description:
This wagon is a hit with children as well as parents. This wagon features a new stable steer steering design to have an easy maneuverability and high stake sections which can be securely fastened to the wagon.


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