Top 10 Shape Sorters

The shape sorters are classic kind of toys for babies in their early development and these offer them as small challenge to solve it by putting right shape in the right hole. At the beginning you can also help them doing it so they learn and do it easily with fun. It allows baby to identify different shapes at the same time.

Shape Sorters
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Here is list of top 10 shape sorters. Some of these are best-selling and some are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher-PriceBaby's First Blocks by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • This sorting toy allows your baby to sort and stack these and while playing they also learn to identify and match these shapes.
  • It contains ten colorful blocks with five different shapes to promote identification skills for your baby.

Product Description:
Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher-Price is not only shape sorting toy; it allows your baby to identify different kind of shapes and they also love to stack these and put together into the box every time. Its top lid has shape sorting holes where baby would have to put through the relevant shape into each and it develops various skills in baby.


2. Shape Sorting Cube by Melissa & DougShape Sorting Cube by Melissa & Doug

Product Information:

  • It features an interactive design and baby would love to put the blocks in its corresponding holes.
  • These bright colored blocks are easy to hold.

Product Description:
Shape Sorting Cube by Melissa & Doug is a wooden cube with different holes for different shapes and your baby would put each shape in the correct hole and it promotes understanding about various shapes and colors for baby. Once all shapes are put through right holes; its lid would need to be opened to start over again.


3. Shape Sorter Baby Toy by Green ToysShape Sorter by Green Toys

Product Information:

  • These are made from 100 percent recycled plastic and made in USA.
  • These do not contain PVC, BPA, phthalates or any external coatings and these are dishwasher safe as well.

Product Description:
Shape Sorter Toy by Green Toys is 2 sided and your baby can put through the shapes from top or bottom. Once all shapes are placed inside; this box can be separated easily to bring all shapes out and play again. Its material is made from food safe material which comes from recycled milk jugs and does not contain and harmful materials. It is designed for baby with age six months and above. It is easy to clean by using dishwasher.


4. Color and Shape Sorter by HapeColor and Shape Sorter by Hape

Product Information:

  • This educational toy includes; 3 kinds of shapes which are easy to hold for babies.
  • These are made from non-toxic material which is safe for child.

Product Description:
Color and Shape Sorter by Hape contains three different shapes including square, circle and triangle and your baby can hold these easily. This ten piece set is durable and safe for children and it is good for counting, sorting and color recognition skills.


5. Shape & Color Sorter by LauriShape & Color Sorter by Lauri

Product Information:

  • It includes 11.5 inches sorting board, five wooden pegs and 25 Lauri Crepe rubber shapes (including five of each color) as well.
  • It is designed for kids who are 2 years and above.

Product Description:
Shape & Color Sorter by Lauri contains 25 shapes including 5 different each in shape and color. These colorful shapes have bright colors and these are durable and latex-free as well. These are bumpy from one side, smooth on the other side and these are washable.


6. Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise by Fisher-PriceCookie Shape Surprise by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • It features an adorable cookie shape jar which promotes sorting skills for baby and teaches different colors, numbers, manners and more to them.
  • It plays music and songs and teaches them when they put the shapes through or press its lid.

Product Description:
Cookie Shape Surprise by Fisher-Price features more than 25 sing along songs, phrases and tunes. It contains 4 cookies shapes and your baby will have to put through the right shapes through the holes to hear fun and educational sounds. It keeps your baby engaged and provides fun & joy. The sensor inside the jar makes it more unique when your baby reaches the jar and puts hand inside; it is activated again with lovely sounds.


7. Toys Rolling Shape Sorter by ToloRolling Shape Sorter by Tolo

Product Information:

  • These shapes make rattling sounds whenever your baby plays with these.
  • Its lid opens easily to take the shapes out of this to start all over again.

Product Description:
Toys Rolling Shape Sorter by Tolo is set of shapes with this drum shaped roller which has different colored shapes, allowing baby to put shapes by its both sides. The rattling sounds of these shapes encourage your baby to play with it for long time. The shapes have rounded edges and this toy is designed for 12 months and above age baby.


8. Ambi Lock A Block by SchyllingAmbi Lock A Block by Schylling

Product Information:

  • This toy includes six different blocks with 3 different shapes and it has locking and unlocking feature.
  • It measures 4.5 inches tall and it has bright colors.

Product Description:
Lock A Block by Schylling is an educational and fun shape sorting toy which lets baby decide the right shape to fit in the right hole. It measures 4 and half inches tall and features lock/unlock option and includes key as well.


9. 3D Feel & Find By GuideCraft 40 piece set3D Feel & Find by GuideCraft

Product Information:

  • It provides visual and tactile exercise for your baby and contains twenty matching wooden shapes and printed tiles as well.
  • It comes with a re-usable cloth bag.

Product Description:
3D Feel & Find By GuideCraft contains 20 matching wooden shapes & textured tiles with a re-usable cloth bag. Your kids would learn and love to match, sort and identify objects by using it. It is designed for kids with age 3 years and above.


10. TOMY Little Chirpers Sorting Eggs Learning ToyTOMY Little Chirpers Sorting Eggs Learning Toy

Product Information:

  • It contains 6 shells with different faces and your baby has to put the shells on the eggs.
  • Whenever your baby presses its head; it makes cheep sounds.

Product Description:
TOMY Sorting Eggs Learning Toy is a lovely fun toy for baby. It contains six eggs with colorful chicks inside and whenever baby presses the heads; hears them cheep. It encourages baby to learn sorting the shapes by placing each egg into the right shape which would be visible on the base of the eggs.

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