Top 10 Teaching Clocks

When your baby grows up; there are many things to learn such as telling the time by looking at the clock. The teaching clocks for kids not only help them to understand how clocks work; there are many of these with colorful and playful features.

Teaching Clocks

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Here is list of top 10 teaching clocks. Some of these clocks are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Big Time Student Clock (12 HR) by Learning ResourcesStudent Clock by Learning Resources

Product Information:

  • This clock helps children to understand time.
  • It features removable stand.

Product Description:
Big Time Student Clock by Learning Resources is designed for kids to learn about time. It measures 5 inches H and it features easy to read hour and minute. You can teach the time to your kids by moving its hands manually.


2. Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting ClockMickey Mouse Shape Sorting Clock

Product Information:

  • It features 12 blocks with various shapes and numbers written on it.
  • Its Mickey Mouse character’s hands are used as clock hands; one for hour and other for minute.

Product Description:
Mickey Mouse Shape Sorting Clock provides fun while learning and understanding time. The Mickey Mouse’s 2 hands, which are used as clock hands. On the one hands it is written “hour” and on the other hand it is written “minute” to help baby learn easily. It has 1 to 12 numbers for time written on blocks of different shapes and colors.


3. Happy Hour Clock – Time Learning Puzzle by HapeClock Time Learning Puzzle by Hape

Product Information:

  • Its hands rotate so your kids can learn time telling skills and its graphics are child safe and are painted on the wood.
  • It is designed for kids with age 3 to 5 years.

Product Description:
Time Learning Puzzle by Hape allows your kids to tell the time by minutes and hours. This educational clock is a lot more fun for your kids as they can remove its pegs with numbers and then put these back into the right hole. This clock is made from child safe and non toxic materials.


4. Tolo Toys Tick Tock Musical ClockTolo Toys Musical Clock

Product Information:

  • This colorful clock made from high quality plastic.
  • Its bell on the top makes ringing sounds it is also ideal for travels.

Product Description:
Tolo Toys Tick Tock Musical Clock is fun and educational toy and its nose can be used for changing time. It plays delightful tune and it has soothing tick tock sound for kids. It has bright colors and it is made by using high quality plastic which is safe and durable as well.


5. Teaching Hands ClockTeaching Hands Clock

Product Information:

  • This innovative wall clock helps to learn the time easily by highlighting hour and minutes.
  • Its unique designed hands would help kids to tell the time easily and quickly.

Product Description:
Teaching Hands Clock features unique hands which highlight hours and minutes to help your kids to learn and tell the time quickly. This clock’s hands work as training wheels for kids and they can see the correct minute each time.


6. Do-It-Yourself Clock My First ClockDo-It-Yourself Clock My First Clock

Product Information:

  • It is unique and educational clock which promotes cognitive development for kids.
  • It also explains scientific nature of clocks such as how these work.

Product Description:
Do-It-Yourself My First Clock features the mechanical timepiece and provides a visual interface of clocks including its gears and hands. Kids can start to understand its structure easily. It is an ideal educational toy for kids and they can see through inside of it.


7. Children’s Wall Clock simple Teaching System by EasyRead Time TeacherChildren's Wall Clock by EasyRead Time Teacher

Product Information:

  • It is clear and informational clock which looks similar to analogue clocks.
  • It helps kids to read numbers easily.

Product Description:
Children’s Wall Clock by EasyRead Time Teacher provides kids with an easy understanding about time by its easy to read graphics and they can tell the time easily for example; ‘1 past 15’ or ’10 to 12’. With the help of its blue portion they can tell ‘minutes past’ and the red side is about ‘minutes to’ as well.


8. Color-Coded Judy Clock by Judy InstructoJudy Clock by Judy Instructo

Product Information:

  • It is color coded clock which makes it easy to teach time about hour and minute to kids.
  • It comes with teaching guide and metal stand as well.

Product Description:
Judy Clock by Judy Instructo is color coded clock with lovely colors, which makes it fun and educational clock for kids. It measures 12 and half inches x 13 and half inches. The different color hands of clock makes it easy to learn the time and it comes with a stand also.


9. Wooden Chunky Clock Puzzle by BoikidoWooden Chunky Clock Puzzle by Boikido

Product Information:

  • It is made from high quality wood and its beautiful numbers get kids’ attention and they learn the time.
  • It is recommended for kids who are 36 months and above age.

Product Description:
Wooden Chunky Clock Puzzle by Boikido features colorful and designed numbers to encourage kids to learn the time while having fun. It is great learning toy for kids with age 36 months and above.


10. Expedition Set of 2 Lindbergh Aviation Clocks (Bronze)Expedition Set of 2 Lindbergh Aviation Clocks

Product Information:

  • It contains vintage body style airplane & helicopter which have clock faces.
  • These are made from 80 percent wrought iron, 20 percent hardware weight is 6.87 lbs.

Product Description:
Expedition Aviation Clocks feature set of two clocks in which one is an airplane and a helicopter and both have clock faces. The airplane measures: 11.75 inches width, 11.5 inches depth and 9.25 inches height and the helicopter measures: 10.5 inches width, 5 inches depth and 6.25 inches height.


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