Top 10 Toddler Cups

When your baby gets to a certain stage of development, it may be time to introduce a toddler cup. These come in various types including those which help your baby to drink from a spout or straw as well as the standard drinking cup, where they drink from the rim. This can be a very messy stage of their transition to drinking from a cup! These special toddler cups are designed to help you and your baby through this stage of their development.

Toddler Cups

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Here is list of top 10 toddler cups. Some of these are best-selling and others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Take and Toss Straw Cups (10 Ounce – 4 Count) by The First YearsTake and Toss Straw Cups by The First Years

Product Information:

  • It features a fast flow which keeps the liquid away from developing front teeth and it is BPA-free.
  • It is dishwasher safe and is suitable for baby with age over eighteen months.

Product Description:
Take and Toss Straw Cups by The First Years are durable and you can use these over and over. Its snap-on lids keep the food and drinks fresh and these prevent leaks as well. These cups are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe also.


2. Fun Grips spill Proof Cup (2 Count – 10 Ounce) by Gerber GraduatesFun Grips spill Proof Cup by Gerber Graduates

Product Information:

  • This cup’s spout is bite resistant.
  • The cups are 100 percent leak-proof, break-proof and spill proof.

Product Description:
Fun Grips spill Proof Cup by Gerber Graduates has a bite-resistant spout. These cups use Seal Zone technology which gives it a unique closing system and makes these 100 percent guaranteed leak-proof, break-proof and spill proof.


3. LATCH Transition Cup (4 Ounce) by MunchkinLATCH Transition Cup by Munchkin

Product Information:

  • It has soft silicone spout which is gentle for your baby’s little mouth.
  • It also has ergonomic handles for your baby’s small hands; its handles are removable also.
  • It is designed for babies with 4 months and more and it is BPA-free.

Product Description:
LATCH Transition Cup by Munchkin makes it easy to for baby to transition from bottle to the cup. Its flexible spout moves with your baby so they can drink with comfort. Its handles make it easy for baby to hold it easily.


4. Fashion Learner Cup (Girl – 5 Ounce) by NUKFashion Learner Cup by NUK

Product Information:

  • This cup helps to transition easily from bottle to cup.
  • Its spill-proof and soft spout is gentle for baby’s gums and baby learn to drink by using the spout easily.

Product Description:
Fashion Learner Cup by NUK helps baby to transition from breast-milk or bottle to sippy cup and it has soft spout for your baby’s soft gums. Its side handles are removable and are soft for your baby’s little hands.


5. BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup Green (1 Count – 9 Ounce) by Philips AventNatural Drinking Cup 'Green' by Philips Avent

Product Information:

  • It helps toddlers to drink from all around its rim and it helps them to have an easy transition.
  • It is BPA-free and recommended by orthodontists.

Product Description:
BPA Free Natural Drinking Cup Green by Philips Avent is ideal for toddlers over 12 months of age and more. It lets toddlers to drink from the rim so they become ready to drink from grown up cups.


6. BPA Free No Spill Sippy Cup (Orange/Natural – 9 Ounce) by ThinkbabyNo Spill Sippy Cup 'BPA-Free' by Thinkbaby

Product Information:

  • This cup doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and it is BPA-free and phthalates-free.
  • It comes with a travel cap and it is easily cleanable.

Product Description:
BPA Free No Spill Sippy Cup by Thinkbaby does not contains any biological toxic chemicals and this cup has a cross cut opening so even when you hold this sippy cup upside down; nothing comes out and it helps to decrease any potential mess.


7. Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup (6oz)Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup

Product Information:

  • It has a unique design and it lets drinking even upside down also.
  • Your baby can drink it till last drop.
  • Its lid opens and closes easily.

Product Description:
Zo-li Bot Straw Sippy Cup uses an innovative technology so when the cup is tilted it allows your baby to sip till its last drop and its handle is integrated so that the cup parts are not lost. It is made from 100 percent silicone and is nitrosamine-free as well.


8. Tot Twist Lid Straw Cup (7 oz. – Aqua) by OXOTot Twist Lid Straw Cup by OXO

Product Information:

  • This cup’s translucent design makes it easy to check the liquid level.
  • It has easy to assemble and clean straw.

Product Description:
Tot Twist Lid Straw Cup by OXO has a unique system and is easy to use. You just need to twist the lid to reveal the straw and after using you need to twist it back to hide the straw, and it makes it clean and safe. It is easy to clean by disassembling and easy to assemble also.


9. Winnie the Pooh NUHActive Cup Silicone Spout (10 ounce) by DisneyWinnie the Pooh NUHActive Cup 'Silicone Spout' by Disney

Product Information:

  • It contains spill-proof spout which is gentle on the gums.
  • It is ultra lightweight and its clip makes it convenient to carry.

Product Description:
Winnie the Pooh NUHActive Cup Silicone Spout by Disney helps your baby to transition from bottle to the cup easily. It is convenient to carry anywhere and its spill-proof spout keeps your baby clean.


10. 2 Count Grow Up Cup (Purple/Orange – 9 Ounce) by SassyGrow Up Cup 'Purple - Orange' by Sassy

Product Information:

  • It is uniquely designed and doesn’t require straw and makes it easy to transition to an open cup.
  • It is easy to clean and can be used for baby with 12 months age and above.

Product Description:
2 Count Grow Up Cup by Sassy is a revolutionary cup with 360 degree design which helps your baby to sip from the rim. Its silicone value prevents liquid from spilling and it is dishwasher safe (top rack). This set comes with 2 (9 ounce) cups.


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