Top 10 Toddler Utensils

It doesn’t look safe to feed toddlers with regular spoons. The utensils for toddlers have soft grip handles and normally these have soft edges for your baby’s delicate gums. You can find various ergonomic toddler utensils which are comfortable for them. Use these utensils with placemats to give your kids convenience while they eat.

Toddler Utensils
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Here is list of top 10 toddler utensils. Some of these are best-selling while others are top rated. Please continue reading:


1. Rest Easy Spoons (5 Count) by Gerber GraduatesRest Easy Spoons by Gerber Graduates

Product Information:

  • These spoons have soft tip and these have built-in support which keeps the spoons off the table.
  • These have long handles so even when you put in the long jars they reach the bottom.

Product Description:
Rest Easy Spoons by Gerber Graduates are designed to never rest on the tables and are easy to pick these up. It also prevents mess and germs from your table.


2. White Hot Infant Safety Spoons (4 Count) by MunchkinWhite Hot Infant Safety Spoons by Munchkin

Product Information:

  • These spoons feature a unique white hot system; so when the food is hot the spoon becomes white.
  • The soft tips of spoons are gentle for your baby’s gums and these spoons are comfortable for your baby’s little mouth.

Product Description:
White Hot Infant Safety Spoons by Munchkin helps you to understand whether food is too hot or cold or just right for your baby. When the food level is just right then it will be easy to swallow. Whenever you put the spoon into the food; if the spoon tip turns white, it would be an indication that the food is too hot for your baby and you would have to wait for a while till it becomes cold.


3. OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon with Travel Case (Green)OXO Tot On-the-Go Feeding Spoon

Product Information:

  • This spoon comes in a case so whenever you go on the travels you can store it in the case.
  • The spoon’s handle is angled to make feeding easy.

Product Description:
OXO Tot Spoon with Travel Case is an ideal spoon when you are going somewhere with your baby. This silicone made spoon is gentle on your baby’s gums. It has contoured and angled handle to feed your baby easily.


4. Kalas (18-Piece) BPA-Free Flatware Set (Multicolored) by IkeaKalas 'BPA-Free' Flatware Set by Ikea

Product Information:

  • It is set of eighteen pieces and six different colors.
  • These are BPA-free and are great for children who are 3 years and above.

Product Description:
Kalas BPA-Free Flatware Set by Ikea is a great set which can be used for everyday meals, parties and for your babies. These are made from durable plastic and are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Your children can grip these easily in their little hands.


5. Hot Safe Feeding Spoons (4 Count) by NubyHot Safe Feeding Spoons by Nuby

Product Information:

  • These spoon tips change the color when food is too hot and the soft edge of the spoons is gentle for your baby’s gums & teeth.

Product Description:
Hot Safe Feeding Spoons by Nuby have easy grip handles and to provide comfortable feeding. The color changing feature helps you to understand whether food it too hot or right. These are BPA-free.


6. First Stage Silicone Spoons (Sorbet/Gipsy – 4 Count) by BEABAFirst Stage Silicone Spoons 'Sorbet - Gypsy' by BEABA

Product Information:

  • These spoons construct from silicone and their handles are for an easy feeding.
  • These spoons are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free and Lead-Free.

Product Description:
First Stage Silicone Spoons by BEABA are designed for babies who are being introduced to solids and unique designed handles help parents to feed their baby easily. These spoons are dishwasher-safe and spoons are safe on your baby’s gums.


7. Take & Toss Toddler Flatware (16 Piece) by The First YearsTake & Toss Toddler Flatware by The First Years

Product Information:

  • This sixteen piece set has eight spoons and eight forks.
  • The wide spoon bowls make it easy to scoop and eat for your toddler.

Product Description:
Take & Toss Toddler Flatware by The First Years are durable and you can re-use these over and over. These have wide spoon bowls which help scooping and eating easy and clean. These are dishwasher safe.


8. Learn-to-Scoop Spoon (2 Count) by Fisher-PriceLearn-to-Scoop Spoon by Fisher-Price

Product Information:

  • These spoons have unique design which helps your children to learn to eat their food themselves.
  • The spoon’s tip is soft for your baby’s gums and these spoons are BPA-free.

Product Description:
Learn-to-Scoop Spoon by Fisher-Price helps your babies to feed themselves without much spilling. The spoon’s soft grip makes it easy to hold by moms or babies. It is pack of 2 and dishwasher safe as well.


9. Truck Stainless Steel Kids Flatware Set (3 piece) by KiddobloomKids Flatware 'Stainless Steel' Set by Kiddobloom

Product Information:

  • These are perfect in size for your kids and these construct from stainless steel of high grade.
  • These are BPA-free, Lead-free, Phthalate-free and Cadmium-free as well.

Product Description:
Truck Stainless Steel Kids Flatware Set by Kiddobloom is sized perfectly for your children of young age. These come in an eco-friendly box and it contains spoon, knife and fork.


10. Re-Play (8 Count) Utensils Aqua – Green – OrangeRe-Play Utensils 'Aqua - Green - Orange'

Product Information:

  • These are BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free and made from recycled milk jugs.
  • These are made from recycled plastic which is FDA Approved.

Product Description:
Re-Play Utensils have funky bright colors. These are small size utensils for your toddlers so they can grip easily. The packaging used for these is also made from recycled paperboard and is eco-friendly.

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